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van vault tool theft VIEW MORE

Van Vault’s Tool Theft Research


Tool safe industry leaders Van Vault have been doing a bit of research into the bane of the trade industry – tool theft. Check out this handy infographic for a pretty decent overview of the current situation: And check out our range of Van Vault tool safes here!


Tool and Van Theft – Can They Be Prevented?


Tool theft has become a big problem for the landscaping industry, with a rise of over 30% in crimes in 2018. The equipment and sets of tools used are not cheap and they are targeted by thieves due to their lack of traceability and opportunity to resell them illegally. Tool theft is causing a lot

Box Fleet Tracking VIEW MORE

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking


Fleet tracking is becoming more and more common in many companies in the world today. This is because tracking has been proven to offer many benefits to any company that owns a fleet of vehicles. These advantages include:         1. Reduced Costs Fleet tracking systems can make fleet management easier and more effective


Introducing The Latest Rhino Products Technology: Connect+


Installation of van accessories, such as rear access steps have always been time-consuming and often problematic, where the vehicle is already equipped with original reverse parking sensors. As an innovative solution to this issue, our partners at Rhino Products have just introduced the Connect+ technology for SafeStep.        Connect+ Connect+ allows your vehicle


#noVANber Tool Theft Campaign Aims to Change UK Legislation


Van tool theft is a very serious issue which can instantly take away a tradesperson’s means to earn a living and support his or her family. Peter Booth (@PBplumber) has recently launched a campaign calling for a change in regulation regarding the police’s handling of van and tool theft crimes in the UK.   The


Tool Theft Interview


Along with a few other industry experts, we were recently interviewed by Commusoft about the ever growing problem of tool theft. Obviously in reality, there’s no definitive way to 100% protect yourself from tool theft. But what you can do is make sure it’s as hard as possible for the thieves to get to your


A Tool thief’s best friend


With tool theft rife up and down the country, we’re looking at how criminals are able to gain access to vans so quickly and easily. Some people are claiming that a skeleton key, available for only £20 online, might be to blame for thousands of van break-ins across the UK. What is the skeleton key


The Real Facts About Vehicle Crime


With vehicle crime becoming a growing problem throughout the UK, we’ve created this handy infographic to help you understand the facts:

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