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ply bulkhead


A van bulkhead is a vital component of any commercial van that currently has no barrier between the cargo and passenger area.

By separating the vehicle cab from the rear load area, bulkheads increase security and provide an excellent deterrent against theft of property from the load area of the van. They also assist in protecting the driver from the danger of shifting loads under braking.

There are 3 main types of bulkhead available (punched, solid and window) made from a choice of materials.

Solid Bulkheads:

The Solid bulkhead provides a complete visual barrier between the cab and the load area, keeping tools, stock and equipment hidden out of sight. We are able to supply and fit two types (both available in full or half height):

Solid steel bulkhead: If climate control is a concern, this might be a better choice, as it serves as a complete barrier between the passenger and cargo area. It is also beneficial in blocking out the cargo view from potential intruders.

Solid ply wood bulkhead: Unlike a metal bulkhead, a ply wood bulkhead can be modified in the future if necessary. Whereas, making modifications to a steel bulkhead would compromise the strength of the steel and is not recommended. We are also able to carpet and customise ply bulkheads.

Punched Bulkhead:

The punched bulkhead offers a limited view into the load area – which allows for the rear view mirror to be used without compromising security.

You are able to keep a close eye on your cargo at all times meaning you are able to manage it better. For example, if something falls you can pull over and fix the problem immediately.

The punched bulkhead keeps your stock and tools well hidden from passers-by which deters theft.

This bulkhead is only available in metal (robust zinc coated steel) and is available in full or half height.

Window Bulkhead:

With a small window located in line with the rear view mirror, the window bulkhead makes an excellent visual deterrent without restricting the driver’s ability to see when reversing.

This bulkhead is ideal for those who require a good view into the rear load area, whilst still concealing their vans contents from opportunist thieves.

The window bulkhead is manufactured from robust zinc coated steel.

Available in full or half height.

ply bulkhead

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