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A million and one reasons to get a Dashcam!

A million and one reasons to get a Dashcam!

A million and one reasons to get a dashcam!

Watch this video- one of the many reason dashcams can be handy:

What is a dashcam?:

A “dashcam” or Driver Recording System (DRS) is a recording device that is usually mounted in a vehicle to record any accidents/thefts/vandalism to your property and to deter these things from happening. Most dash cams record both audio and video continuously. These cameras are sometimes called Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or in-car-cameras.

The vast majority of dash cams are actually mounted on the windshield, not on the dash. Most of the cameras are forward facing but some people are opting for dual lens cameras (front and back) for extra reassurance.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of people buying dashcams due to the high level of ‘crash for cash’ scams and false insurance claims.  According to The Independent, there is a new scam going on called ‘flash for cash’, in which drivers are flashing for other drivers to pass and then purposely crashing into them so that they are able to claim the money.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of these false claims! Spend a little and save a lot by checking out our range of Driver Recording Systems now and purchasing yours.  At Vehicle Accessories Limited we even install these devices for you!! Call us for more details on03332007244.


There are a number of benefits to having a dash cam installed. Here are some of them:

• Provides evidence and shows your side of the story if there has been an accident. If you’re not to blame, you shouldn’t have to pay!

• Protects you from insurance fraud. The increase in the number of ‘crash for cash’ claims is phenomenal, a dash cam shows the true version of events and prevents you from becoming a victim of one of these claims.

• Allows for parking protection which means that vandalism to your cars, such as hit and runs, will be recorded. Many, but not all, cameras are still able to record even when you’re not driving.

• Stops vehicle misuse-for those of you who use valets or share your car with someone else. The camera will let you know where the car has been. You can get some very discreet cameras so those of you spying on a partner (naughty!) can find out where they have been.

There are a number of other benefits of the dashcams, but we feel that these are the main ones!

How to pick the right dashcam for you:

Choosing the right dashcam for you really depends on that you are looking for. Vehicle Accessories Limited provides a number of dash cams from the top makes such as BlackVueand Park Safe . If you’re still unsure about which dashcam to choose, e-mailsales@vehicle-accessories.net for advice.

Our top 3 picks- click the link for more details:

1. Best for multiple camerasPark Safe Twin HD DVR Witness Camera- PSDVR012with optional third camera. This camera has up to 3 lenses so you are able to keep an eye on things from all angles:

2. Best for interactivityPark Safe WiFi Witness Camera- PSDVR020. The wifi means video playback is enabled via androids and smartphones!

3.    Best overallDR400G HD BlackVue with GPS and 16GB SD Card. This camera is sleek, has a huge memory, has motion sensors and is discreet. Our top pick!

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