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Get your camper van ‘summer ready’


Now that spring has finally sprung, we can enjoy the (slightly) warmer weather and look forward to the summer! If you have an old camper van, or are thinking of undertaking a camper van conversion, we can help make sure you’re ready to hit the road in plenty of time for the summer holidays. Having


What do you use to mark your tools?


Tool theft is a popular way for thieves to make a quick bit of cash. But it also ruins the lives of innocent tradespeople up and down the country. Whatever disappears from your van/garage will most probably be making its way towards a car boot sale to be sold at a fraction of the price


5 Benefits of Dash Cams


Accidents In 2015, several insurers made an announcement that they would accept dashboard camera recorded footage as evidence in the event of an insurance claim. So if you are involved in an accident, dash cam footage could be vitally important in proving who is to blame. Many types of dashboard cameras can detect when an


What is Polypropylene Lining?


Lining your van’s interior is a great way to protect the vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and dents caused by unsecured cargo in transit, or even just the daily wear-and-tear all work vans go through. Lining your van will also add instant resale value in case you are thinking of selling. Once you’ve decided to line


5 Ways to Protect your Vehicle from Criminals


1. Deadlocks These high-security locks offer fantastic protection against thieves, especially when installed at a high level. High-level lock installation will ensure protection against the ever-popular ‘Peel and Steal’ method of breaking into a van. We offer Thatcham insurance approved deadlocks which may reduce your insurance premium. 2. Slamlocks The fact that Slamlocks are designed to automatically lock vehicle


What’s the Best Lining to Protect your Van’s Interior?


Maybe you’ve just bought a new van or perhaps you have an old workhorse in need of a revamp, either way you’re looking to get your van lined. But what type of lining should you go for? Ply Lining Plywood is undoubtedly the most common material for van linings. It is popular among most tradespeople


High risk of Crime for Transit Owners


Lincolnshire Police have recently warned drivers of high levels of vehicle crime targeting Ford Transit owners. The police force took to social media to inform people that ‘an unknown method’ was being used by criminals to break into and steal a number of Transit vans in the area. All vans involved in this recent spate


Don’t be a Victim of Tool Theft


Sadly, tool theft is big business for some people, with a van being broken into and tools stolen approximately every 23 minutes in the UK according to the BBC. Innocent tradespeople are paying the price, having to not only replace the stolen tools, but also repair the damage to their vehicles. With the increasing popularity of

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