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Why you should install a tracking device

Why you should install a tracking device

Although the word ‘tracking’ has negative connotations, there’s no reason why it should stop you from knowing where your vehicle is.

Thousands of stolen vehicles have been recovered thanks to the use of tracking technology. Hardwired real-time trackers allow you to check in on your vehicle’s location without worrying about battery life, and battery-powered devices are smaller and portable. Both types of devices help you and the police track your missing vehicle with ease.

If you are unsure, read below for the top 5 reasons on why you should get one installed.

  1.    Tracking devices can be installed into any vehicle. Vehicle Accessories has a tracking device suitable for any type of vehicle. From cars, motorbikes to motorhomes and agricultural machinery.
  2.     Approved by insurance groups and Thatcham. Thatcham’s security team carry out extensive testing on a wide range of security equipment that meets the insurance industry’s security criteria. The tracking devices are therefore known to reduce the risk of vehicle theft.
  3.     Technology that can track anywhere. You might get a reduced phone signal if you are underground or in tunnels. However, tracking devices do not lose signal and are able to pinpoint exactly where the vehicle is.
  4.    High recovery rate. If your vehicle is stolen, then there is a high chance of recovery. According to Tracker, in 2015 over 23,000 vehicles were recovered with a total value of over £1,000,000.
  5.     We sell and install Category 5. Category 5 is the highest rating of security for a tracking device. Category 5 is often a requirement of vehicle insurance policies for high value, sports, classic and prestige vehicles. It is also sought after by those concerned with losing their vehicles as a result of key theft or hijacking. Devices have the facility to remotely prevent the vehicle from being driven but, more importantly, alert the Operating Centre in the event that the vehicle is taken following a key theft.

Recognition cards come complete with the devices and should the vehicle be moved without one of these cards being present, the unit will alert the police in the event of theft.

If you feel extra security is needed on your vehicle then GPS tracking is definitely something you need to consider. Contact Vehicle Accessories to enquire on our range of tracking devices, the subscription rates and installation costs.

For more information contact sales on 0333 200 7244 or email sales@vehicle-accessories.net

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