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What is Polypropylene Lining?

What is Polypropylene Lining?

Lining your van’s interior is a great way to protect the vehicle’s bodywork from scratches and dents caused by unsecured cargo in transit, or even just the daily wear-and-tear all work vans go through. Lining your van will also add instant resale value in case you are thinking of selling.

Once you’ve decided to line your van, you then need to choose a material. We offer a number of different van lining options, the benefits of which have been summarised in a previous blog post. However, today we’re focussing on polypropylene: what is it and why do you need it?

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is a type of plastic which has a great number of benefits, especially when it comes to its use as vehicle lining. It is made from a combination of propylene polymers and is used in a variety of applications including packaging, textiles and, of course, the automotive industry.

Why Choose Polypropylene?

This material has numerous benefits, such as being much more lightweight than traditional lining materials like plywood. When you think about the importance of ensuring your vehicle has not exceeded its maximum legal weight limit (for which we have the perfect product, the VOPS2), every gram counts! Lining your van with a lightweight material such as polypropylene means that you can fit more precious cargo into the vehicle without tipping it over the weight limit. This weight-saving feature will also save on fuel consumption which can add up to big savings if you’re running a large fleet.

Another great benefit of polypropylene is its hygienic qualities. Plywood can absorb water, or anything else which has been spilled on it, and harbour bacteria. Polypropylene, however, is completely waterproof, rot-proof, washable and chemically inert so will not react in the case of a chemical spillage.

Poly lining is also 100% recyclable, and reusable – another tick for the eco-friendly green credentials of this great product! Once recycled, it can be made into mixing bowls, spatulas, cutting boards, shovels, watering cans, automotive battery cases, oil funnels, ice scrapers, storage bins & shipping pallets to name a few!

Polypropylene can easily be CNC machine-cut to specific dimensions in the same way plywood can be. It comes from the manufacturer in 4mm grey sheets as standard, but other colours and thicknesses are available on request. Due to its bubble structure it is incredibly tough, so If you’re looking for a superior material to line your van and give it a more professional and modern finish, look no further than polypropylene!

Head to the product page for more information, or contact us for a quote!

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