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How can tracking systems benefit your business?

How can tracking systems benefit your business?

Installing a tracking system for your fleet of vehicles can certainly enhance efficiency and make you stand out against the competition. Monitoring where your drivers are at all times alongside a wide variety of features will convert into profitable benefits. The GPS software is updated at least every 30 seconds to give you the most accurate data.

A crucial aspect of any B2C company is customer service which tracking systems can highly improve. You can ensure that you meet your customers’ needs as quickly as possible by sending the nearest available employee when a job is raised. For the likes of delivery companies, you can give accurate ETA’s without having to waste time calling drivers to try and track them down. This way you can save everybody’s time by ensuring the customer is home avoiding re-delivery or return of the parcel to the depot. Unfortunately, things happen out of our control on a daily basis that can affect your customers such as traffic or road closures, keep your customers up to date to avoid disappointment.   

Tracking helps you to stay in control of your fleet and the way your brand is being portrayed out on the road. If your branded vehicle is exceeding speed limits, turning up late to jobs or parking up to take long breaks you can instantly put a stop to it. On the other hand, you can reward those employees who are sticking to the rules and overall boost driver performance with something such as a points system for a little friendly fleet competition. Monitor your drivers every move and see what time they arrive and leave a job to ensure you are not overspending on wages and fuel consumption. This will make life easier for your administrative team in terms of payroll.

Drivers routes detected from the tracker can also assist your head office staff in generating new custom. Why not target new clientele in the areas your employees cover on a daily basis.

Keep your vehicles maintained and your drivers safe with maintenance alerts informing you of upcoming MOT’s, insurance and tax renewals, tyre changes etc.

Have the added security of knowing if a vehicle from the fleet was stolen it could be located and recovered very quickly along with any equipment left in the van saving you a lot of time and money.

Here at Mobile Tracking Solutions, we bring our expertise across the country to your door as nationwide vehicle installation experts. We are the number one supplier of all types and makes of; Fleet, Insurance Approved, Personal and Portable tracking devices. We are proud that over the years we have gained industry recognition from leading tracking companies including; SmarTrack, Trafficmaster Trackstar, Tracker Network Ltd, Box Telematics, Track It Now, Back 2 You. We operate nationwide and carry out work for individual customers as well as large corporate companies. Recent clientele includes; Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Network Rail, Speedy Hire, Councils and Water Boards.

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