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Protect your vehicle from organised gangs

Protect your vehicle from organised gangs

Last month in Edinburgh a £150,000 super car was stolen from the drive of a grand family home whilst they slept. Much to their horror they woke at 7am to find the Ashton Martin Rapide V12 gone, along with the car keys and there was only small evidence of a break-in.

The vehicle was recovered three days later in Airdire, 35 miles away near Glasgow. It was only found due to it previously being installed with a vehicle tracking system. Investigators used this to find the location where the car was either hidden or had been dumped.  Tracking systems are available which feature motion sensors. If this kind of tracking system would have been installed on the stolen Ashton Martin, Police may have been able to track it sooner whilst it was being driven away from the home or the owner asleep in the home would have been alerted via an app.

Even though no one has yet been arrested for this crime, police say ‘this was carried out by an organised gang who knew exactly what they were doing and exactly what they wanted’. They are thought to be targeting high-end car owners and could be on the move to a place near your home. There is big money involved with these luxurious vehicles and unfortunately, this type of crime is becoming increasingly popular.

On the other hand, it is also becoming increasingly popular for people to install stolen vehicle tracking systems into their personal and commercial vehicles. Many insurance companies now require you to have this before they will even look at insuring your vehicle, especially if it is worth a lot of money.

WE RECOMMEND: The best product when it comes to preventing vehicle theft is the Smartrack Protector Pro and Protector Pro Global, featuring movement sensor alerts, worldwide tracking and is monitored 24 hours a day. You can also add on ‘key guard protection ‘for added security and piece of mind. However, we do offer a wide range of Thatcham approved trackers which can be installed for free at a time and place convenient to you.

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