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Rhino News


Rhino Products launched two brand new products at The Commercial Vehicle Show 2019, as well as announcing  the renaming of a well-known classic.   Aluminium Ladder™ First up is the all new Aluminium Ladder™. This ladder is made from anodised aluminium side frames, giving it fantastic weight savings of over 50% when compared with Rhino’s existing


What does the 2017 election mean to us?


The 2017 General Election results are in, with Theresa May back in power… for now, we look at what this could mean for the auto industry as a coalition government looms. Theresa May’s plans to deliver a bigger Conservative majority in the House of Commons as the UK heads towards Brexit negotiations backfired as her


Easter set to cause mayhem on our roads…


A four-day weekend for most of us… perfect! A little planning ahead may be required, however. Unfortunately, it seems we all have the same idea; let’s visit family or let’s get away for the weekend. As we flee to the motorways it is estimated that 20 million cars will be on the UK’s roads over


National pot hole day 2017


Who knew there was such a thing!? Today, Monday 16th January 2017 is National Pot Hole Day sponsored by Halfords Autocentre. The UK’s road infrastructure is still suffering serious neglect. With the backlog for repairs increasing and maintenance budgets being slashed, they have listened to us; the road user and the general consensus is that


Do you use your phone whilst driving?


We are probably all guilty of glancing at our phones now and then whilst driving. If you are caught using your phone behind the wheel in England, Scotland or Wales, you will be given 3 points on your licence and a £100 fine. This is set to double come 2017 as the government is cracking


Protect your vehicle from organised gangs


Last month in Edinburgh a £150,000 super car was stolen from the drive of a grand family home whilst they slept. Much to their horror they woke at 7am to find the Ashton Martin Rapide V12 gone, along with the car keys and there was only small evidence of a break-in. The vehicle was recovered


How well do you know your road signs?


According to new research, the UK population of car drivers only know the meaning of 79% of our road signs. These shocking statistics mean one in five signs are a mystery to us. As a result of this the most common mistakes made out on the roads are; braking speed limits, sudden braking and slowing


In or Out: What is best for our industry?


Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, General Motors UK and Toyota UK executives have all voiced their opinion on the forthcoming vote that is looming on everybody’s mind. In or Out, but what will it mean for our industry? Here is what they had to say on the matter… ‘Remaining in the EU will increase our chances

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