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Do you use your phone whilst driving?

Do you use your phone whilst driving?

We are probably all guilty of glancing at our phones now and then whilst driving. If you are caught using your phone behind the wheel in England, Scotland or Wales, you will be given 3 points on your licence and a £100 fine. This is set to double come 2017 as the government is cracking down on this offence as part of the road aware campaign – THINK!

The new laws could see you landed with 6 points on your licence, a £200 fine, and if you are a newly qualified driver, you will be faced with retaking your test. If after this, you are caught a second time the fine increases to £1000 and a 6-month ban will be put in place.

492 road accidents were recorded in Britain in 2014 as a result of a driver using a mobile phone. 21 of those were fatal and 84 were labelled serious. A study shows that a third of the UK text, make calls and use apps behind the wheel. When you put it into perspective taking a life to answer a call or send a text message, it is never worth taking the risk. If there is an emergency it will only take a few more seconds of your time to pull over and check your phone and potentially save a life.

The big question is will these new laws be enough to stop people in the future or will it just be added to the rising cost of driving and being a vehicle owner. Should this offence not be on the same level as drink driving and not wearing a seat belt? The director of Roadsmart has stated that he fully supports phone awareness courses.

Handsfree car kits are a safe and sensible option to make and receive calls whilst driving using Bluetooth technology. Voice recognition technology also means you don’t even have to pick up the phone to dial a call.

We recommend the Parrot CK3100.

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