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Sortimo Racking Vs Bespoke Ply Wood Racking

Sortimo Racking Vs Bespoke Ply Wood Racking

Choosing the type of racking that is best suited to you and your van can be difficult.

Vehicle Accessories Ltd sells Sortimo racking – made from a light, sturdy steel, and bespoke plywood racking – made from durable plywood.

Here are the highlights of both of these types of racking…

Sortimo* :

1. Highest safety
Since 1994, Sortimo equipment has been regularly crash-tested for safety with a full load. These tests have been conducted by independent agencies in Germany, UK, and France. Sortimo also offers various means of securing your cargo – from tool boxes and ladders to gas tanks – for safe transportation.

2. Lighter weight
Sortimo equipment is up to 65% lighter than predominantly steel-made components available on the market, which results in greater fuel efficiency.

3. Higher resale/residual value
Sortimo’s equipment is installed without drilling into the vehicle resulting in greater resale value or residual value on a leased vehicle.

4. Transferable up fit
Sortimo’s equipment can easily be transferred to another vehicle, extending the life cycle of the product, and eliminating the need to purchase new equipment for replacement vehicles.

5. Increased productivity
Better organisation means increased productivity of technicians who spend less time on each call, serving more customers each day.

Sortimo racking is light and durable.

Sortimo racking installed into a Renault Master

6. Ergonomic design
Tools and equipment are easily accessible – for working inside or outside of the vehicle.

7. Mobility
Using a variety of Sortimo boxes, technicians can take their tools and parts “from curbside to worksite”.

8. Inventory management
Sortimo bins and boxes can be labelled and are removable. This gives customers the flexibility to organise their van, making it easy to load all job-specific tools and parts before going out on service calls, reducing the amount of excess inventory.

9. Optimum space
Locked-in drawers, bins, and tool boxes are arranged to optimise shelf space, allowing you to carry a bigger payload in the same space, or the same payload in a smaller vehicle.

10. Versatility
Sortimo’s modular design enables customers to quickly and easily re-configure bins and boxes to accommodate changes in working conditions. Upgrades and modifications can be made to the existing system without having to uninstall or re-install.

Bespoke Racking :

1.   High-quality material
The best quality plywood is used to produce our bespoke racking. Meaning all racking is durable and has a longer life.

2.   Cheaper prices
We offer competitively low prices for the production and installation of our bespoke racking. Call 03332007244 for more details on our low prices.

3.   Sustainable
We use quality plywood and the best tools to produce our racking; therefore it is sustainable and will last.

4.   Custom made 
Our plywood racking/storage is designed specifically to suit your needs. Whether you need a holder for your gas canister (see picture below for one we previously produced), a tray for a laptop, ladder storage or racking for tools – we are able to design and produce unique storage and racking.

5.   Versatile
Not only can we custom produce racking to suit your needs; we are also able to provide racking for many different vehicles makes and manufacturers.

6.   Adaptable
The racking we design can be altered and adapted in the future. If you need to add extra/remove parts this could be done.

7.   Easy storage 
Easy storage of your tools and belonging means that space within your vehicle is optimised. It is also more ergonomic and allows you to organise your belongings better – resulting in optimum working conditions.

8.   Secured
The racking is safely secured to the vehicle, this means that your vehicle won’t be damaged by heavy tools or equipment.

9.   Aesthetically pleasing
The racking makes your van look smart, organised and more professional!

10. Transferrable/re-usable 
The racking can often be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, saving you money in the long run as no new equipment needs to be purchased.
*The information provided about Sortimo racking is courtesy of Sortimo Ltd and can be found on their website: http://www.sortimo.us/Why-Sortimo.1626.0.html

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