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Optimising Van Storage

Optimising Van Storage

Optimising van storage is important, particularly for those who drive commercial vehicles and/or need vans to run their business.

In this week’s article we have outlined 5 ways to optimise van storage:

1. Internal racking/shelving:

Van racking has evolved and it is now possible to do a lot more than just maximise your vehicle’s storage space. Customised racking can be a surprisingly cost-effective way to turn your vehicle into a mobile workshop, complete with everything from workbenches to work-lights, and all tailored to your individual trade’s needs.  If you are looking for quality custom made racking solutions at low prices, please call 03332007244.

An alternative to custom-made racking and one of the best manufacturers of internal van racking is Sortimo. They produce top quality metal racking that enables you to optimise storage and make your working environment more efficient. These sorts of racking solutions help you to save time (no more searching around for tools), to save space and keep you and your van safe.

Buy your Sortimo racking today from http://www.mobile-commercial-solutions.co.uk/Sortimo-Racking.

2. Roof racks:

Roof racks are designed to maximise storage even further. They are particularly useful for those with smaller vans and minimal internal storage. Rhino are one of the leading manufacturers of roof racks and provide revolutionary products that are intricately designed, aerodynamic and durable.  Rhino roof racks are specially designed to fit your van. For a full list of suitable vehicles click here.

3. Roof bars:

Roof bars, much like roof racks, are designed to carry large/heavy objects. One of the most popular types of roof bar in the UK is the Delta Bar System by Rhino.  This heavy duty roof bar is designed to carry anything from ladders and plywood to cargo boxes. The versatility of these bars and the sleek design make it a product worth having; particularly for owners of commercial vehicles in need of extra storage.

4. Ladder storage/racks:

A safe, easy and convenient way to store ladders.

As the name suggests, Ladder storage is primarily designed to store ladders. There is a range of ladder storage products available that not only help you to store your ladder efficiently (saving space), but also helps you load and unload the ladder safely. Ladderstow® by Rhino provides a safe, quick and easy way of loading/unloading ladders for low roof commercial vehicles – all from the “convenient and safe area behind the vehicle”. The unique design allows for quick and easy ergonomic loading with efficient low friction sliders and ensures that you do not have to climb onto the vehicle.  There is also the Safestow³™which serves the same function, however, operates from the rear of the van.

5. Safety/storage boxes:

Not only do safety boxes increase the amount you are able to store in your vehicle, they also help you to organise your stuff and keep expensive and precious belongings (such as certain tools) safe from being stolen. Tuffboxes are a great range of this type of storage box. Tuffboxes can be bolted to the base of your vehicle and offer protection for your tools and valuables from theft. This item is also great as a deterrent and comes in 3 sizes.

Even though you should make the most out of these storage optimising products, always be careful and safe when loading your van:

DON’T overload your van. This can damage the vehicle and make it unsafe for you to drive.

DON’T drive to fast. Know your limits and stay safe- particularly if you have roof storage.

DON’T fit something if you are unsure of how to do it. You are better off getting a professional to fit certain products, such as the roof racks than risk the product coming loose and causing an accident.

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