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New year, new you?

New year, new you?

New Year, new start, new me…

How many of you have said that before?

The beginning of a new year does always feel like a fresh start as we return to work and aim higher than we ever have before. This year why not try and stick to it so when it comes to next year you can feel an overwhelming sense of achievement?

Calling all tradesmen!!! Whether you are a labourer, construction worker, builder, plumber, window cleaner, roofer, electrician, carpenter, mechanic, painter and decorator or anything else, it’s time to get that lightweight commercial vehicle in top tip condition and fully kitted out with all the extras you need! This will make your life a whole lot easier.


The main add-on you should all be thinking of is van security, especially ‘locks’ due to a significant increase of van break-ins during 2016 up and down the country resulting in masses of equipment and vehicles being stolen and sold. Not to mention the extortionate costs of repairs. This type of crime can have devastating effects on your job, career or business and bank balance.

The right high-quality equipment and vehicle accessories on your van create a good impression when arriving to a job in front of your clients and if your vehicle is sign written this creates the right impression to potential clients. Sat navs and hands-free car kits can also improve your business’s reputation by ensuring you arrive on time and if there is a delay allows you to keep clients up to date while you are on route.

Happy new year, let’s make it a good one!

If you have any questions or to see what we recommend for your trade contact our friendly sales team now.

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