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How to beat the vehicle thieves

How to beat the vehicle thieves

How to beat the vehicle thieves: Does it stand out?

Understanding the characteristics of auto theft, there are four main reasons why a thief would take your vehicle

1) Joyriding.

2) For “Chop Shops”.

3) For export abroad.

4) As a means for getting the thief home.

With millions of vehicles to choose from, thieves usually opt for the “easiest vehicle to steal” in the area. For a thief, the easiest vehicle to steal is one that suits their purpose, one that can be entered and started quickly, and one that can be moved from place to place undetected. Read below the best practices to perform to secure your vehicle and prevent theft.

The top 7 ways to protect your vehicle and the equipment used to stop them:

1. Never leave the engine running. Especially on cold mornings when owners leave their vehicle to help warm it up. Thieves will commonly target supermarkets, petrol stations, fast food restaurants and cash machines, even if you are “gone for a minute.”

2. Do not leave important documents on display. Bank statements, credit card bills, mobile phones and money on display make the vehicle an attractive proposition. Personal information on display will also help the thief steal your identity and access your accounts.

3. Put away that Sat-Nav. Satellite Navigation devices on display give thieves another opportunity to just break in and steal. Make sure you especially lock the sat nav with a special code, making sure they don’t have access to your home or work addresses.

4. Avoid parking in unattended areas. Park in well-lit attended areas close to other vehicles and pedestrians. If parking in daylight, consider how it might look in the dark.

5. Always use the handbrake when parking. It does sound silly, but it will make your vehicle much harder to tow away.

6. Park your vehicle correctly. Turn the wheels towards the curb, especially in driveways and car parks. This makes your vehicle extra difficult to be towed away.

7. Use a garage. Nearly 50% of vehicle crime (Source: Road Driver: www.roaddriver.co.uk ) occurs right outside the house. By locking the vehicle away in a garage or lockup will greatly improve the chances of deterring the thieves.

Protect your vehicle the right way with Vehicle Accessories:

Use Deadlocks/Slamlocks. Designed to protect the vulnerable areas around the door locks. Thatcham accredited and insurance approved, these commercial van locks are very durable and can withstand heavy physical attack. For more information go to http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Lock-Security

Upgrade your alarm. Get Vehicle Accessories to install your Thatcham approved alarms and pin coded anti-hot wire immobilisers. Don’t forget to place stickers in the windows to tell people you have the alarms installed. For more information go to http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Alarms-and-Immobilisers

Beware of catalytic converter theft. If you run a car you need to be aware of the risk of catalytic converter theft, particularly if your car has large ground clearance. Thieves are targeting catalysts – located in the exhaust system under the vehicle – because of the high value of the precious metals they contain.  Get Vehicle Accessories to install cost-effective catalytic security that will protect you from the most severe theft attacks. For more information go to http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Catalytic-Security

Protect your tools. Protect your belongings with our selection of Tuff Boxes, Van Vaults or Armourgard to store inside the vehicle or for keeping outside full time. If a thief does get into the van, then a van box can still keep the tools safe. These are essentially high steel safes with anti-drill locks. For more information go to http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Tuffboxes

Vehicle Accessories also provide a mobile fitting service direct to your door throughout the UK, or alternatively why not get it fitted at our Bristol installation centre.

For more information contact our sales team on 0333 200 7244 or email sales@vehicle-accessories.net


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