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Fortify Your Van: A Guide to Securing Your Van with Locks

Fortify Your Van: A Guide to Securing Your Van with Locks

Fortify Your Van: A Guide to Securing Your Van with Locks

Fortify Your Van: A Guide to Securing Your Van with Locks

In this blog post, we’ll explore the guide to securing your van with locks, providing you with information and practical tips to fortify your van and keeps its contents safe. Securing your van is not just about locking it up and hoping for the best. Vans often carry valuable cargo and equipment, making them attractive targets for thieves. To protect your investment, it’s essential to understand the importance of van security and the types of locks available.

The Importance of Van Security

Vans are a crucial asset for many professionals, from tradespeople and delivery drivers to business owners. Whether you use your van for work or personal purposes, it’s essential to secure it properly. The consequences of theft of damage can be costly and disruptive to your life or business.

Types of Van Locks

There are various types of locks that can help secure your van. Here are some of the most common options:

1. Deadlocks

Deadlocks are supplementary locks that can be installed on van doors. They are highly effective in preventing forced entry. Deadlocks require a key to lock and unlock, adding an extra layer of security.


2. Slamlocks

Slamlocks automatically lock the van doors when they are closed. This feature ensures that even if you forget to lock the van manually, it remains secure. Slamlocks are particularly useful for quick, stop-and-go situations.

3. Hooklocks

Hooklocks are a type of deadlock that uses a hook-shaped bolt to secure the door. They are strong and reliable, making them a great choice for van security.

4. Armaplate

An Armaplate is protective shield that’s mounted over the van’s locks, making it difficult for thieves to tamper with them. It’s a strong deterrent against break-ins.

Armaplate Sentinel

Tips for Securing Your Van with Locks

1. Professional Installation

For the most effective security, consider professional installation of van locks. A qualified technician can ensure the correct fitting of the locks and provide the best protection.

2. Layered Security

Combine different types of locks for layered security. For example, use deadlocks and a steering wheel lock to deter thieves from both entering and driving away with your van.

3. Additional Security Features

Consider adding an Alarm System or GPS Tracking Device to your van for extra security. This way, you’ll receive alerts for any attempted break-ins and can track your van’s location in real-time.

4. Visibility

Thieves are less likely to target a van with visible security measures. Use stickers or signs to indicate that your van is protected by additional locks and security features.

5. Regular Maintenance

Ensure that your locks are regularly maintained and in good working condition. A broken malfunctioning lock can compromise your van’s security.

Securing your van with locks is an investment in peace of mind and protection for your valuable assets. By choosing the right types of locks, installing them properly, and implementing additional security measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. Remember that van security is not just about protecting your vehicle; it’s about safeguarding your livelihood and maintaining your peace of mind.

Stay vigilant, prioritise security, and ensure your van is a safe and secure space for your valuable cargo and equipment.

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Paul Randall
Paul Randall
First Class! Dave and the team are fantastic. The fit on our first Mobile Bike Service and Repair Van could not be any better. From the very beginning, through the design process, all the way to completion I cannot fault a single thing. As I write this, our second van is being fitted to exactly the same specification and the third van is on the way. Long may this partnership continue!
Tim Lees
Tim Lees
Very helpful and patient with an older guy who was a bit nervous ordering from a company I didn't know. The product I wanted wasn't on their website but I thought it worth asking and they had it at a good price. It came the next day and worked perfectly.
Richard Shepherd
Richard Shepherd
I highly recommend Lee, Dave and the Team at Vehicle Accessories after they did a fantastic job for a one off bespoke van fit for my business. I approached them with a rather radical high concept idea, Dave did a great job taking notes from my extensive brief. He made a great effort to listen and take notes along the way making sure he understood and made suggestions for materials which really led to a much better end product. A particular highlight was a suggestion for them to fabricate a wall mounted Steal Mesh cage system for my equipment which far exceeded my expectations of quality and engineering. During the planning stage and construction suggestions were made to change materials and systems for what they thought would work better for the project as it developed. The end product was perfect and done to a very high standard, it really turned out better than I ever hoped for. Communication throughout was excellent with regular updates, fast responses and easy dialogue when confirming details or discussing changes. Changes were managed quickly and efficiently throughout the build with a great deal of flexibility and professionalism. Even though I was just having just one bespoke build being done for myself I felt highly valued as a customer and treated with the same level of respect and attentiveness as someone ordering a fleet. The quality of work and customer service will certainly mean I’ll be coming back for my next van project.
Philip Taylor Ashby
Philip Taylor Ashby
Lee and his helpful staff sorted my lock problem that made it easy to break in or steal and at there Christmas closing time🙏, friendly helpful and reasonable thank you all.
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott
Great choice of equipment to fit and all done efficiently. They have designed and fitted racking to 75 vehicle for us in the last year.
Ross Thomson
Ross Thomson
I can’t recommend Lee and his team of wizards enough. They fitted the gas with all the safety requirements and modified / adapted several parts of the electrics. They went above and beyond my expectations - I won’t hesitate to use them again.
Andrew Young
Andrew Young
What can say.... the order process was simple, prices competitive and when it was realised that I had ordered 2 incompatible parts I got a call to check and recify the order. Collection was easy and the install team did a quick, neat job. Job done....until next time thank you
Annie Meadows
Annie Meadows
Dave, Lee and the team at VA moved crates from my old van to a new one. Easy to communicate with, quick turn around, met all my requests, made good suggestions (such as putting in a waterproof floor) and did an excellent job. Highly recommend.
miles leech
miles leech
Big thanks to Dave and the rest of the Vehicle Accessories team. They've done a great job fitting security locks and a floor in my new van. They also moved over my racking and interior lights from my previous van while going out of there way to make it all fit. Excellent service, very efficient and professional. Highly recommended and nice people to deal with. Thanks Miles Ashton Gas

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