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Van Dwelling – The Latest Trend

Van Dwelling – The Latest Trend

An ever-increasing number of people, especially millennials, are opting to move away from the classic bricks and mortar lifestyle and choosing to live in a van.

People’s reasons for such a move vary, whether it’s increasing rent prices, newlyweds embarking on their first big adventure or your average office worker who’s just quit his job to travel the world, more and more people are choosing van life.

Obviously such a lifestyle comes with a host of benefits:

– No rent to pay

– No bills

– You’re free to move around the country, or the world, as you please

– Wherever you go, you have your home with you

– It can simplify your life

However, van dwelling also comes with a range of negative aspects:

– Traveling alone can feel isolating

– Having no fixed address means you’ll need to use a family member/trusted friend’s address for insurance documents etc.

– Limited access to amenities – many van dwellers don’t have toilets, let alone showers!

– You can be asked to move on at any point if parked on public land

– Without decent van security, your whole home is an easy target for thieves

If you’ve decided that van life is for you, the first thing to do is buy a van. A number of people buy pre-converted vans; however, most opt to convert a van themselves. We offer a number of conversion services including Ply Lining/Racking and Carpeting.

Of course, once your van is fully converted you’ll need to invest in some serious security to ensure you home is safe, including door locks, safety boxes and alarms.

If you are thinking about van dwelling, we have a number of specialised vehicle technicians who can advise you on the best choice of vehicle security products and other accessories for your van!

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