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NEW Speedliner Products

NEW Speedliner Products

What is Speedliner?

Speedliner is a quality urethane spray polymer liner for vehicles that are produced by Speedliner Europe Limited.

Speedliner is useful for protecting your vehicle from bumps, scratches, weathering, corrosion and much more. There is also a hygiene version which is suitable for vehicles that carry food or medical supplies, and a fire retardant version.

Who is it for?

Speedliner is for anyone and everyone who wants to protect their vehicle from day-to-day wear and tear, weathering, corrosion and abrasion.

With specialised sprays that are fire retardant and a hygiene spray that is ideal for vehicles that carry food + medical supplies etc., there is a spray available to meet all needs and requirements.

How does it work? How long does it take?

Your vehicle is sprayed by an expert technician who has been specially trained. Depending on vehicle size and how much is being sprayed, the process can take anywhere between a few hours up to a few days.

How long does it last?

After the initial spray, you will never need to get your vehicle sprayed again as Speedliner lasts forever.

What options are available (colour, types etc.)?

Speedliner HS:

A tough, thick, urethane polymer coating, which is flexible and protects surfaces from day-to-day wear and tear – i.e. weathering, corrosion and abrasion – helping to maintain resale values.

Speedliner HS creates a seamless, waterproof coating and is impervious to most cleaning chemicals and detergents.

Speedliner HC (Hygiene Coat):

Ultra fresh anti-microbial technology. Provides active protection against bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds. Takes vehicle internal lining systems into the 21st century with its high-level hygiene capabilities. Tested to meet EEC directive (“ SI1998/1376 plastic materials in contact with food legislation”).

Topcoat HG:

An aliphatic, two component polyurethane polymer coating product and is available in original form as a clear coating (can be self-coloured as required at time of use). The product is formulated to give a full chemical reactive cure with no reliance or affects from ambient air moisture.
This speciality coating is formulated for interior and exterior applications and has excellent gloss and colour retention.

Speedliner FR (Fire/Flame Retardant):

A general all-purpose fire/flame retardant polymer spray liner coating.


Over 25 colours are offered, with the option of selecting a custom colour.

What does it cost?

The price depends on how large your vehicle is and how much you want to be sprayed. It also depends on the colour and type of Speedliner you choose. For more information call our expert sales team on 01173 790 279 for a quote.

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