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Don’t be a Victim of Tool Theft

Don’t be a Victim of Tool Theft

Sadly, tool theft is big business for some people, with a van being broken into and tools stolen approximately every 23 minutes in the UK according to the BBC. Innocent tradespeople are paying the price, having to not only replace the stolen tools, but also repair the damage to their vehicles. With the increasing popularity of the ‘Peel and Steal’ method among criminals, this damage is proving to be expensive!

The ‘Peel and Steal’ method, also known as ‘Peek and Seek’, involves thieves using nothing but their fingertips and bodyweight to peel the vehicle’s doors open like a banana. This technique has gained popularity in recent years due to the fact that no tools are needed, meaning the criminals can’t get arrested for ‘going equipped’.

Thieves peeling open van doors with the ‘Peek and Seek’ technique

What can be done to stop it?

A lot of people are saying “just don’t store tools in your van”. This is all well and good, but where ‘Peel and Steal’ is used, the damage is already done. Instead, add extra security options which also provide visual deterrents to put thieves off trying to break into your van in the first place.


Deadlock fitted to a Ford Transit’s rear doors

Standard factory-fitted van locks are no longer enough to keep your vehicle and its contents safe as this YouTube video shows. Instead, more and more tradespeople are choosing to fit extra locks to their vans, or upgrade existing locks, in order to make sure their tools stay out of the hands of criminals. Deadlocks fitted to the top of van doors can protect from the “Peel and Steal” method, while upgrading the vehicle’s factory-fitted locks can protect from more traditional break-in methods.


Fitting your vehicle with a decent alarm system can not only deter thieves from attempting to break into your van, but also stop them in their tracks if they do decide to give it a go.

Security Boxes

Tuffbox installed in van for extra tool protection

Security boxes can be used to add another layer of protection between the thieves and your tools. Even if they manage to get into your van, they’ll be stumped when they’re faced with one of these!

Our team of experts will give you advice on what the best security options are for your particular van’s make and model – we offer free advice with no obligation to buy so contact us now:

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