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5 Benefits of Dash Cams

5 Benefits of Dash Cams


In 2015, several insurers made an announcement that they would accept dashboard camera recorded footage as evidence in the event of an insurance claim. So if you are involved in an accident, dash cam footage could be vitally important in proving who is to blame. Many types of dashboard cameras can detect when an accident has occurred and automatically save the footage, ensuring you don’t lose the evidence. Installing a dash cam can also reduce your insurance premium.

Other drivers

Dash cam footage can be used as evidence for accidents involving other road users, or even to report poor driving. This could be anything from drink/drug driving, dangerous undertaking on a motorway or even cases of road rage.

Teenage drivers

If you’re a parent and your child has just passed their driving test, you might be worried about them being out on the roads alone. Installing a dashcam can mean that you can keep an eye on their driving style even when you’re not in the car. And, as previously mentioned, a dash cam could reduce insurance premiums – a great help for newly qualified young drivers.


Some dash cams come with GPS functionality, meaning you’re able to see where the vehicle has been. This is useful for parents of young drivers, but also for business vehicles so that bosses and fleet managers can keep an eye on where their drivers have been, enabling them to ensure that all drivers are taking the most fuel and time efficient routes.

Family Holidays

Many people like to film their family getaways, making short films of poolside fun or mountain treks to share with their friends or other family members. On a road trip, the driver can never manage to use a handheld camera to record the journey through the beautiful countryside. However, most dash cams available these days record in HD, meaning that this footage can be used in the final cut of your holiday movie.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to having a dash cam installed in your vehicle. To see the range of dashboard cameras we have available, click here. Or for more information, give us a ring on 0333 200 7244!

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