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Spate of Ford Transit Thefts

Spate of Ford Transit Thefts

How have thieves been targeting vans?

Throughout January there have been dozens of news reports regarding van thefts in the UK. Many new vehicles have been stolen due to key cloning, keyless theft and the purchasing of skeleton keys. The scariest thing about this? The tools that are being used cost as little as £16!

These new techniques used by thieves mean that some vehicles can be stolen, started and driven away in less than four minutes – without breaking a single pane of glass, bending or damaging door panels or cutting through any locks.

Which vans are being targeted?

47000 Commercial vehicles are stolen each year, costing more than £152m in lost assets. These assets include the goods inside of vehicles, as well as the actual vehicles.

Most stolen vans and commercial vehicles, by percentage of thefts:

  • Ford Transit 17.6%
  • Land Rover 17.6%
  • Mercedes Sprinter 11.8%
  • Volkswagen Transporter 11.8%
  • Fiat Ducato 5.9%
  • Ford Ranger 5.9%
  • Nissan D22 5.9%
  • Nissan Navara 5.9%
  • Peugeot Expert 5.9%
  • Renault Trafic 5.9%
  • Vauxhall Vivaro 5.9%

(Statistics form Burnt Tree Vehicle Rentals).

How can I protect my van from vehicle theft?

Whether protecting the contents of your van, or the van itself, we have a solution for you. Our expert engineers are spread out across the UK and we are specialists in van security.

Here are some of the extra security measures we recommend:

1) Locks – We supply and fit deadlocks and slamlocks. We offer standard lock or Thatcham accredited locks for a small extra cost. The main difference between deadlocks and slamlocks is that a deadlock still needs to be operated by a key, where as a slamlock locks automatically when the vehicle door is closed. You will still need the key to open a slamlock, however. Find out more about the difference between deadlocks and slamlocks by clicking here. Locks are highly recommended to protect yourself against van theft, and have had proven benefits with our customers. Locks are ideal because they protect against keyless theft (as they work on a seperate system) and they prevent a thief trying to break in with a crow bar (or similar). If you don’t want a deadlock or slamlock fitted to your van, we also supply and fit Armaplate Guardian and Armaplate Sentinel.

2) Catalytic security – The metal in a catalytic converter is worth a lot of money, and therefore catalytic converters are often targeted by thieves. We offer catalytic security equipment, including CatShield and ArmaCat, which are designed to deter thieves and make it a lot harder for them to steal your converter.

3) Vehicle tracking – From fleet tracking to insurance approved tracking, we have expert engineers spread across the UK. Fitting a tracker provides peace of mind and allows for a stolen vehicle to be recovered more easily. We have a range of trackers available from top suppliers including: Track It NowTracker Network LtdSmarTrackTrafficmaster TrackstarScorpion Automotive and more. View our range. 

4) Alarms and immobilisers – Alarms act as a great deterrent as they will scare thieves off and alert you when your van is being broken into. Immobilisers prevent a thief driving off with your van. The immobiliser should be supplemented by an alarm as an additional deterrent against both theft-of and theft-from. We sell Thatcham accredited alarms and immobilisers, which could get you a discount with your insurance.

5) Security boxes – These boxes protect tools and equipment from theft so that, even if a thief does manage to break into your vehicle, all valuable items are secured. We sell security boxes in a range of sizes from top brands, such as TuffboxesArmorGard and Van Vault. The boxes can be bolted onto the floor of your vehicle for extra security and start from only £144.

The following news stories highlight just how many van thefts have occurred recently:
Van thefts have been reported in Newark. 
West Yorkshire and Lancashire recently made arrests.
Grimsby have had a number of van thefts this month.
Brighton and Hove reported 20 thefts in 21 days.
Van owners reminded about security after a number of thefts in the Chesterfield, Bolsover, North East Derbyshire and the Amber Valley areas.


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