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National pot hole day 2017

National pot hole day 2017

Who knew there was such a thing!? Today, Monday 16th January 2017 is National Pot Hole Day sponsored by Halfords Autocentre. The UK’s road infrastructure is still suffering serious neglect. With the backlog for repairs increasing and maintenance budgets being slashed, they have listened to us; the road user and the general consensus is that it is definitely needed. Thanks to research and raised awareness from campaigns such as this one that gives us a voice, experts now know that the UK’s road infrastructure is deteriorating faster than it can be repaired.

Budget seems to be the biggest issue standing in the way of this being put right. ‘Councils in Essex need more cash to fix potholes’ say experts. Across Britain, the bill could top £14 Billion within 2 years. But could it also be the people who we trust to put it right? A Stanway councillor has received a slap on the wrist for reporting potholes too many times! One of the pot holes in question is on a main and very busy road therefore creating a significant risk to the public. ‘I keep getting a lot of different information depending on who I speak to. It has been painted orange which their guidelines say means it should be dealt with within five days.’ Three weeks later and no change. The councillor has since been told it was painted the wrong colour and should be purple meaning it is of low priority! Could it all be a cover up to avoid fixing the problem?

So what are the after effects of hitting a big black hole?

The damage a pot hole can cause to a vehicle can be devastating and end up costing you a lot of money in repairs. From a cracked windscreen to suspension issues it’s always worth seeing if a claim can be made as after all, the roads should not be in this poor a condition.

How can you prevent damage?

Ply lining your van can make it a hell of a lot sturdier and resistant to dents and damage from impact. It creates a stronger, more resilient shell

-A dashboard cam could capture the pot hole on camera and the impact at which it damaged the vehicle helping you later down the line when putting in for a claim

Internal racking including ply wood and metal Sortimo options will ensure whatever you carry on a day to day basis will stay in order in the rear of your van and not end up spread across the floor after a big bump

-Good exterior lighting will help you spot pot holes lurking in the dark

-If you choose the DIY installation process for your Rhino Roof Accessories ensure they are installed correctly with our online fitting instructions to avoid movement when hitting a pot hole.

Is there a particular pot hole that gets you every day on your way to work? Click here to report it and hopefully something will be done! – http://www.streetrepairs.co.uk/#report

Tweet us your pot hole locations using the #nationalpotholeday

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