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What’s the Best Lining to Protect your Van’s Interior?

What’s the Best Lining to Protect your Van’s Interior?

Maybe you’ve just bought a new van or perhaps you have an old workhorse in need of a revamp, either way you’re looking to get your van lined. But what type of lining should you go for?

Ply Lining

Plywood is undoubtedly the most common material for van linings. It is popular among most tradespeople to protect their vehicle’s bodywork from the inside out, but is also used by members of the public, often as a base for carpet lining. Ply lining offers a cost-effective way to protect your van from scratches and dents caused my moving cargo, ensuring your van retains its market value years down the line. All ply lining kits on our website come with free installation.

Ply lining in a VW Caddy


Carpet lining is often a go-to for campervan conversions as it gives the van’s interior a professional finish. As well as this, adding a layer of carpet on any exposed metal can help prevent condensation from forming inside the van.  Carpeting can also provide a small bit of extra insulation.

Vauxhall Vivaro carpet lining

Polypropylene Lining

These lightweight polypropylene panels can cut operating costs when compared with the use of plywood lining – using a lighter material will reduce fuel consumption. As well as this, these panels are easily washable, making them much more hygienic than ply lining. The polypropylene panels are also 100% recyclable. You can find more in-depth information about poly lining here.

Polypropylene lining in a Citroen Relay

Fibreglass Lining

Fibreglass van lining offers a highly durable vehicle coating solution. This type of lining is 100% waterproof, making it easy to clean and ideal for professional dog walkers, cleaners or any business where a potential chemical spill is possible.

Fibreglass coating in a ply-lined van


SPEEDLINER is a tough and flexible urethane polymer coating which protects surfaces from day to day wear and tear, weathering, corrosion and abrasion. SPEEDLINER is UV stable and will not quickly chalk or fade, unlike many other spray-on liners. It is most often used for coating panel van floors, but there are endless other applications to which SPEEDLINER can be used.

SPEEDLINER coating in a Ford Ranger


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