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Why Should You Get Ply-lining For Your Vehicle?

Why Should You Get Ply-lining For Your Vehicle?

Why should you get ply lining for your vehicle?

Increase your vehicles durability and usability by installing ply lining. Firstly by fitting a ply lining kit you protect your investment and will improve your vehicles resale value.

When you resale you may wish to remove the kit, leaving the bodywork in almost new condition.

Secondly, ply lining your vehicle will stop internal damage, such as scratches, caused by shifting loads, preventing accidental dents from inside outwards.

In addition, you can add load securing rings or a cargo rail, to secure your loads when travelling. Ply lining will also furnish your van and give it a professional look.

Why should you choose Vehicle Accessories?

Here at Vehicle Accessories we can design, manufacture and install all types of ply lining kits and racking.

We only use ethically sourced, finest quality plywood, which will ensure the kit stands up to the test of time, so your goods and tools remain safe and protected. Components are manufactured by our expert CNC machine operator to the highest standards.

Custom designs are available to suit you and your vehicle. All joining panels are sealed with a sealant, to give a professional and durable finish. Cosmetic Aluminium trim plate is used to finish door edges to enhance the look or the vehicle.

If you want good quality, great service and a competitive price look no further than Vehicle Accessories Limited.

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