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Van break-ins are increasing

Van break-ins are increasing

Don’t be a statistic. #LockitorLoseit.

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The recent rise in van break-ins and tool thefts has brought van security to the forefront of what we do at Vehicle Accessories. The BBC has labelled it an epidemic, claiming a van is being broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes. 

Unfortunately for Ford Transit owners, the sale of a ‘skeleton tibby key’ for locksmiths – has become readily available online allowing thieves to pick the lock causing very little noise or damage. On newer Ford transits the thieves are twisting the driver’s door lock and causing damage to gain entry and unlock the load area.

In this digital world, it is becoming well-known in the industry that for a determined thief, many vans can be relatively easy to get into. 

Some vehicles are more prone than others, but each make and model have different strengths and weaknesses. 

Screwdriver attacks have also been on the rise lately causing noticeable door damage, as well as a more brutal trend of break-ins involving door folding attacks. (See the above pic). 

This involves 2 or 3 people pulling the top of the door then hanging from it until it gives way allowing the thieves to jump straight into the back of the van bypassing the alarm, depending on where the load area is.

These attacks can cause significant disruption to your business.

How can you protect your van?

By fitting a security locks to your van, such as a slamlock or deadlock, you are protecting your assets from theft.

We supply and fit standard and Thatcham approved locks. Thatcham approved locks ensure the highest level of quality, and can have the benefit of insurance discounts.

See our webpage on lock security all for the latest products.  http://www.vehicle-accessories.net/Van-Locks

7 Precautionary measures you can take to protect your vehicle & tools

  1. Install Thatcham approved locks & alarm
  2. Lock van when unattended
  3. After purchasing a tool, note down product and serial number
  4. Mark tools with a UV pen or engrave
  5. Chain & padlock items to inside of the van (if they are to be kept inside)
  6. If there are windows, installing window grill or window tints are useful
  7. If outdoors, try to park near security cameras or close to walls so doors can’t be opened

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