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A van lining to save you money…!

A van lining to save you money…!

We are extremely excited to announce the arrival of our new van lining; Finesse Polypropylene. As one of few stockists of this new product that is taking the industry by storm, we offer nationwide supply and fit. The benefits of lining your commercial vehicle with these panels are endless and could even save you money! If you are in the transport industry, a tradesman or even a window cleaner this is the product for you…

The Poly line panels are extremely lightweight compared to that made of plywood, over 50% lighter to be exact. Having lighter vehicles on the road can translate into potential fuel savings and ease of being able to carry more equipment and tools within one journey.

Although lightweight, durability has not been forgotten about in the design of these panels. The rigid nature offers high impact and humidity resistance.

The Polypropylene sheets are easily CNC’d which means our in-house specialist CNC programmer and cutter can produce the highest quality kit bespoke to your vehicle. This also means the panels are ‘easy fit’ as we can cut the appropriate holes and markings to make installation quick and simple for you or our expert engineers. For all those engineers constantly removing splinters after working with ply wood, this really is a dream come true!

The material used is completely resistant to oil and acid spills. Being 100% washable there aren’t many spills that could not simply be wiped away ensuring your vehicle or fleet is always in tip top condition. This always creates the right image to customers and potential customers.

Investing in this new lining also means you will be doing your part for the environment which is so important in this day and age. The material is 100% recyclable and along with the fuel saving element could result in you reducing CO2 emissions. At Vehicle Accessories we always minimise waste when cutting and dispose of any waste appropriately, recycling what we can.

Whether you are a self-employed window cleaner who fancies this for your commercial vehicle for easy-clean purposes, or own a large transport company with a fleet of commercial vehicles and take cutting costs extremely seriously whilst wanting to reduce your footprint this is the van lining for you.

The lining is available in grey or white. If you do require a bespoke colour such as this yellow we recently sourced for a client from France please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire.

Fleet of 213 vehicles poly lined for a nationwide print company, Jan 2017.

This really is the future of van linings.

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