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Tool and Van Theft – Can They Be Prevented?


Tool and Van Theft – Can They Be Prevented?

Tool theft has become a big problem for the landscaping industry, with a rise of over 30% in crimes in 2018. The equipment and sets of tools used are not cheap and they are targeted by thieves due to their lack of traceability and opportunity to resell them illegally.

Tool theft is causing a lot of damage, as smaller companies in The South of England have reported losses as little as £2,700, while larger companies suffered as much as £200,000 in losses.

It has been declared by Tony Woods, the director of Garden Club London, that no matter how much landscaping companies try to do about this issue, the frequency with which they experience attempted theft increases. This clearly shows how thieves are taking advantage of the fact that police will not deter or prosecute for van or tool theft. “We are dealing with organised gangs, not opportunist thieves!” Tony added.


Is it worth investing in tools and van security?


Securing your tools and vehicle is highly recommended, as there are multiple techniques that the thieves use to break into vans. These are practices such as relay theft, peel and steal or simply taking advantage of unattended vehicles left unlocked. Furthermore, vans only fitted with factory locks can be easily broken into by thieves with the skeleton key, a tool which causes no damage to the locks or bodywork (Read more about the Skeleton key – A Tool thief’s best friend).  Replacing the factory-fitted locks will instantly render the thief’s skeleton key useless, while adding high-level deadlocks will prevent the doors being bent down as part of the peel and steal technique (Information and prices on the best locks on the market here). Securing your belongings brings in the long term profit, re-investment opportunity and potential to grow your business.


On the site

Secure your van and never leave your tools unattended. It only takes one minute for thieves to break into a van or to step onto the job site and steal the equipment. If you transport tools in an open trailer or your job implies leaving some tools out of your sight at times, make sure you lock them up in a security box. For more information and prices on our great range of security boxes click here.

Another good strategy to prevent theft is engraving your company name on the tools in multiple spots, especially areas where thieves are not likely to check. This way, you will be able to identify them later on and it will be more difficult for them to resell engraved equipment.


Securing the storage area

Thieves can easily hide in dark spots, therefore, installing cameras and lighting equipped with motion sensors is a very good prevention practice. Monitoring the area is easy nowadays as there are wireless camera models that can be connected to your device. If you take your tools home with you, it is best to secure them in a box or use locks and chains for large items.

We at Vehicle Accessories supply and fit all the equipment needed to keep your van and tools safe and practical at all times. For any enquiries or information, we offer FREE advice to all at 03332007244 or sales@vehicle-accessories.net


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