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Protecting From Theft

Protecting From Theft

It’s almost Halloween so be sure to protect your vehicle (and any tools/equipment) from ghosts and miscreants alike…

Security boxes

Security boxes help to protect valuable tools and equipment and start from as little as £148. We supply and fit Tuffboxes ArmorGard Security Boxes and Van Vault Boxes.

Alarms and immobilisers

Alarms and immobilisers act as a deterrent and help to protect your vehicle and its contents from theft.  Many Thatcham approved alarms and immobilisers will also help to get you a discount on your insurance premiums.


Trackers help to recover stolen vehicles and, like alarms and immobilisers, can get you insurance discounts if you have a Thatcham approved tracker fitted. Our stolen vehicle trackers cost as little as £185 supplied and fitted.


Locks act as a deterrent, as well as making it much harder for a thief to break into your vehicle. Slamlocks are particularly useful at stopping opportunist thieves as they lock automatically when closed.  Find out more about the difference between slamlocks and deadlocks or view our range.

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