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Ladder Storage Solutions

Ladder Storage Solutions

At Vehicle Accessories Ltd we believe it is important to be safe on the road; from using hands-free kits to safely storing your equipment.

Many commercial drivers and engineers use ladders. By not safely securing a ladder to your vehicle you are putting yourself and other drivers lives at risk.

The van above was recently spotted in Bristol. The ladder is not properly secured to the vehicle and is dangerous. The driver could face a fine – or worse – if caught driving around like this.

There are many affordable ladder storage solutions available on the market. Here are some that we supply and install:

1) Rhino Ladderstow

manual, safe, quick and easy way to unload and load ladders for low roof commercial vehicles- all from the rear of the vehicle. Manual ergonomic loading is enabled using low friction sliders. There is no need to climb onto the vehicle, meaning you are safe from slips and falls.

2 sizes are available (2.2m and 3m).
Key features:
* Quick and easy loading and unloading of ladders.
* Made for low roof commercial vehicles.
* Makes loading and unloading safer.

2) Rhino SafeStow3

SafeStow³™ is the newest of the innovative SafeStow³™ products, making loading and unloading ladders faster, easier and safer using fully adjustable gas assisted lifting. This product has undergone vigorous testing ensuring it is one of the best products on the market. Manufactured from robust aluminium alloy and stainless steel components, the SafeStow³™ is both light and durable.
3 versions of the SafeStow³™ are available; to carry single, double and extra wide ladders. It is also available in 2 different sizes (2.2m and 3.1m).
Key features:
* Safe and quick unloading and loading.
* Innovative design.
* Three options and two lengths available.
* Made from robust aluminium alloy and stainless steel components. 

3) Bespoke ladder storage

We are able to customise a ladder storage space for the interior of your van. This is particularly useful if you don’t use ladders that often or would like to be discreet about the storage of your ladder and accessories.

In the image below we raised the floor of the van to enable the customer to store ladders underneath. We also made bespoke racking and fitted Wisadec flooring as part of the bespoke service we offer.

We also supply Rhino SafeClamps – which work with selected roof racks and bars to clamp your ladder safely to the roof of your vehicle.

For more information on these products and services call us on 0333 200 72 44 or e-mail us.

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