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Guy Fawkes Top Tips…

Guy Fawkes Top Tips…

Now that the spooky evenings of Halloween are over with, one of the biggest events on the British calendar is upon us; Guy Fawkes Night on Saturday 5th November. Whilst a great time to celebrate with family and friends either at a public fireworks display or in the back garden with a bonfire, there are a lot of risks involved. The obvious would concern playing with fire but have you stopped to think of your vehicles?

We want to share with you our top tips on how to keep your vehicles and yourselves safe this weekend.

  • Firstly, if you don’t really need to drive – don’t! Wrap up and take a walk to wherever it is you are going and enjoy the lit up skies on your way. It is much safer to avoid the roads. If you are driving to a display the roads will be very busy surrounding the event with people crossing the roads and walking through car parks in the dark.
  • It will also be a struggle to park and leave your vehicle parked in a designated car park for the fireworks event could leave it damaged. What goes up must come down remember and not to mention those little vandals lurking in the dark misty night while you watch the display.
  • Road accident statistics are always higher on Guy Fawkes Night. This is often due to a lack of concentration from the driver who may get easily distracted by a sky full of colours and loud noise. Visibility is also reduced as the air is filled with smoke from all the fireworks and bonfires.
  • If you have no other option than to drive just consider these points and drive with extra safety precaution. Bringing along a passenger who can help to keep you focused and look out for potential problems you may miss.
  • If you are leaving the car/ van at home (good choice) think about where it is parked. If you have a garage be sure to lock it away safely in there. If not park on the drive or as close to your home in the safest place. Remember your amateur neighbours may be putting on their own displays at home which could result in your vehicle being the evening’s bonfire!
  • Unfortunately, this world is full of opportunists who will see a great opportunity on this night. Leaving the house in darkness with the car on the drive and the keys hanging next to the back door on your ‘key holder’ would really help them out. Smashing the glass when a big rocket explodes grabbing the keys and driving off in your beloved car, simple right? Don’t make it easy for them. Leave your lights on, put them on a timer or install sensor lights to put thieves off. Keep your keys in a hidden and secure place or bring them out with you.
  • If you are leaving a commercial vehicle at home which is not installed with security locks (link), take your tools and equipment out and lock away out of sight inside the home.
  • If you are home and enjoying a bonfire in the garden, toasting marshmallows with friends and family remember to keep the house locked, lights on and valuables locked away.
  • If you do drive be sure to stay on that hot chocolate and if not enjoy a few mulled ciders in true Bristol fashion!

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Whatever you do have a great weekend celebrating Guy Fawkes but stay safe! Check out this fire safety info – http://www.bonfire-night-safety.co.uk/

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