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Driving offences- How to avoid them and keep yourself safe

Driving offences- How to avoid them and keep yourself safe

Here at Vehicle Accessories Limited, we provide a variety of useful equipment to aid our customers with their vehicle needs and ensure they are kept safe and legal. Recent talks of increasing the speeding fine, particularly on motorways- along with the crackdown the police have been making regarding driving offences- is a cause for concern for all drivers.

The currently fixed penalty speeding fine is £100 and 3 points on your licence. The speeding fine for speeding on a motorway can be up to £2500, which the magistrate courts want to increase to a whopping £10000! There have been talks of increasing the number of speed cameras in the UK to deter drivers from speeding.

Want to protect your licence? Check out our Laser Elite Products to prevent yourself, or your employees, getting caught out:

The handbook for the Laser Elite parking sensor range clearly shows that they are operational devices used for parking and that they operate on the same, licence free wavelength of 904 nm as do many other devices. Obviously, some naughty people use them as a way of defeating police laser guns because the laser traps are unable to get a speed reading on any car that has one fitted. The units are supplied with a single laser sensor which is fitted to the front of the vehicle.  A rear sensor can be added if required. Why not have one of our nationwide fitting team come and install it for you?

The laws on using mobile phones while driving is also becoming stricter. The Department of Transport figures attributes 17 deaths and 548 injuries to the use of mobile phones behind the wheel in 2012. Between 2010 and 2012, more than 9000 accidents were blamed on phones and using other distracting devices illegally.

These driving offences are being cracked down on by police. The current penalty is £60 and 3 points on your licence. Here at Vehicle Accessories Limited, we provide some of the best hands-free car kits from as little as £60 and we will fit them for you anywhere in the UK*! Check out our range of hands free car kits.

Save yourself £££’s in the long run, keep yourself safe and prevent getting caught by these new, stricter laws.

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