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Choosing a vehicle tracking device

Choosing a vehicle tracking device

Choosing a tracking device for your car/van:

According to ‘TrackWhatMatters’ the UK is the 2nd worst country in the world for vehicle theft – after the US. Chislehurst, in Bromley, is thought to be the biggest hotspot for car theft in the nation. These statistics are worrying to car owners, and that is why vehicle tracking devices are becoming a necessity. But, with so many different tracking devices available, how do you know which one is for you? We have summarised some of the best vehicle tracking devices on the market for cars/vans…

A Nissan GTR we recently installed a tracker into.

1) One of the best manufacturers of tracking devices is Tracker. They have recovered over £490 million worth of stolen vehicles – a recovery of 22,895 assets making them one of the leading manufacturers of vehicle tracking devices! Two of the best trackers they sell for cars and vans are: 

a) Tracker Locate

Unit price: £182.99 (inc VAT)
Subscription price: £174 one year or £399 3 years (inc VAT)
Key features:
– Combines VHF*, GSM* and GPS* technology.
– Can track vehicles underground and in steel containers.
– Almost impossible to jam the tracker.
– Motion sensor detects unauthorised movements.
– Thatcham accredited and insurance approved.
– Full European coverage.
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b) Tracker Monitor

Unit price: £117.99 (inc VAT). One of the cheapest trackers on the market!
Subscription price: £149 1yr or £399 for the duration that you own the car (inc.VAT).
Key features:
– Thatcham accredited and insurance approved.
– Provides advanced notice of possible theft if the vehicle is moved illegally.
– Motion sensors detect unauthorised movements.
– Patented VHF* technology.
– Partial European coverage.
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2) Traffic Master has produced a range of trackers called Trackstar. These trackers deploy the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to locate and track a stolen vehicle. The Trackstar is a popular tracking device and is Jaguar, BMW and Land Rover approved.

a) Traffic Master Trackstar

Unit price: From £199 (inc VAT). The Range Rover/Jaguar/BMW approved Trackstars are slightly more.
Subscription price: £147.50 1yr or £399 3 yr (inc VAT).
Key features:
– Endorsed by all Police Authorities.
– Protects against unauthorised movement.
– Insurance approved – may reduce premiums.
– Pan-European Cover as standard.
– Leading edge GPS* tracking and integrated motion sensor technology.
– Operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year via the Trafficmaster Control Centre.
– Cat 6 approved.
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3) Scorpion Track is an award-winning vehicle tracking device and also won Security Product of the Year 2012-2013. They use a ‘Technologically Advanced System’ and have a high recovery rate.

a) Scorpion Track 

Unit price: £299 (inc VAT)
Subscription price: First year included in price! Then £130 1yr, £220 2 yr, £300 3yr or £350 4yr (inc VAT).
Key features:
– Thatcham Category 6 approved.
– Free vehicle battery and tracker tamper alarm is included.
– Free low vehicle battery text alert.
– 120 days battery life, recharges upon starting the vehicle.
– Free live location pinging on demand through the website.
– Smartphone friendly website.
– European coverage included as standard.
– 24-hour monitoring.
– Keyguard technology. 
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4) SmarTrack is the multiple award-winning stolen vehicle tracking devices/tracker brand. The brand has won 21 Industry Awards within 8 years. SmarTrack devices use the latest in tracking technology – making the tracker harder to trace if your vehicle is stolen. The SmarTrack Protector Pro is one of the best tracking devices from this brand. It also comes with (optional) key protection. SmarTrack also produces the Trident tracker, which is a fully transferable tracker.

a) SmarTrack Protector Pro

Unit price: £185 (inc VAT)
Subscription price: £149 1yr or £399 3yr (inc VAT)
Key features:
– Thatcham and insurance approved.
– Monitored 24 hours a day.
– Battery disconnect alert.
– Movement sensor alert.
– Vehicle tracking app available.
– Fully transferable.
– Covert black box.
– GPS technology*.
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Here is a quick overview of all of the above trackers:

(NOTE: If you are looking for a ‘top of the range’ tracking device, you will want a CAT 5 model (which is often more expensive). We will be reviewing the CAT 5 models in next weeks blog post)
* Tracker explains the difference between GPS, GSM AND VHF technology: http://www.tracker.co.uk/faqs/

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