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The CatShield is designed and manufactured for Mercedes Sprinter catalytic converter

  • One of the most cost effective anti-theft devices
  • Tailored to Mercedes Sprinter
  • Easy to install and offers ultra-high protections

About this product

The CatShield is designed and manufactured for Mercedes Sprinter catalytic converter. CatShield one of the most cost effective anti-theft devices to have been tailored to Mercedes Sprinter. This product is easy to install and offers ultra-high protections.

The CatShield is a product from Armplate and it can be used on its own or with the ArmaCat as a “Belt & Brace” to boost security even further.

CatShield operates by shielding your vehicle’s catalytic converter from thieves and it is made from 2mm high grade stainless steel; so there is no danger of it corroding and weakening in time. This product is manufactured to ISO9001 and it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

CatShield makes use of high-security fittings and does not require any special tools to fit. It can be installed within a few minutes.
 Armaplate’s USR (Unique Security code Registration) system is applied to your catalytic converter and allows Police to reference their database to determine the ownership of a stolen catalytic converter.

Using this product will not 100% guarantee or prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen, however, using CatShield on your Mercedes Sprinter will add another layer of security which makes your vehicle less likely to be targeted by thieves. It’s unlikely that Scrapyards will purchase a stolen catalytic converter if it has a security marking.

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