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Welcome Thinkaware!

Welcome Thinkaware!

We have now added the world’s leading brand to our exciting line up of dash camerasThinkAware. No one knows what will happen each time they get into their vehicle and set out on a new journey. Why not install a Dash Cam to ensure you do not miss a thing or become an innocent victim?

But why choose ThinkAware? Here are some of its many qualities…

  •        –Safety camera alert
  •        –Road safety warning system
  •        –PC viewer
  •        –Mobile app
  •        –Ambrella CPU & Sony Exmor
  •        –Parking mode
  •        –Super capacitor
  •        –Wide view angle
  •        –Advanced video clear technology
  •        –Easy attach and detach
  •        –Duel save technology
  •        –Clean wiring

The infrared Sensor and LED lights will help the camera to record in low light level environments. The IR camera is designed to visually record any events that occur between the driver and passengers, creating more reliable information for reviewing.

ThinkAware have received a variety of awards including Innovation Awards Honouree for outstanding design and cutting edge engineering, IF Design Award 2014, Red Dot Design Award 2014 and International Design Excellence Award 2013.

‘ThinkAware’s high-tech full HD recording dash cam is the perfect gadget to accompany your next road trip.’ Daniel Choi, Engadget.

Shop Thinkaware and view all of our dash cams on offer. 

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