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Ply Lining Services

Ply Lining Services

At Vehicle Accessories Ltd we offer precision cut ply lining kits for a variety of van makes and models at an affordable price.

About our CNC machine

Using a modern CNC machine, we are able to produce large and small quantities of ply lining kits, to a high and consistent standard. We can cut a variety of materials for ply lining from plywood to container deck.

We have an expert CNC machine operator, who has many years of experience. We can design and program the CNC machine to cut new vehicle shapes and specifications. This includes using the latest ‘Computer Aided Design’software to create bespoke and accurate ply lining kits.

If you need something specific for your vehicle, such as racking, we can offer you a bespoke service and cut the kit to your needs.

About our ply wood

Our ply lining kits are made from top quality ply wood and are precision cut by our CNC machine. The wood used for the sides is 5.5mm and the floor is 9mm. You can opt for a floor upgrade which consists of 12mm, 15mm or 18mm thick wood. There is also the option for a non-slip Wisadec floor upgrade which is 12mm thick. All of our kits come with aluminium trim (with a few exceptions) and can be fitted by the customer or by one of our expert engineers.

Which vehicles do we cater for?

We can produce ply lining kits for almost any van. Whether you have a new model or an older model, we will do our best to cater for your needs. We are also able to supply and fit bulk heads and other commercial accessories (i.e. tow bars, roof bars, steps etc).

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on the vehicle manufacturer, model and size. It also depends on whether you choose to upgrade to a thicker floor or a non-slip Wisadec floor. Ply lining with floor starts at around £120 + VAT.  To upgrade the floor there is an additional cost.

Below is a rough outline of the prices per vehicle manufacturer:

Citroen – From £145+VAT to £225+VAT.

Ford – From £120+VAT to £220+VAT.

Fiat – From £135+VAT to £225+VAT.

Iveco – From £195+VAT to £245+VAT.

Mercedes – From £145+VAT to £220+VAT.

Nissan – From £145+VAT to £225+VAT.

Peugeot – From £145+VAT to £225+VAT.

Renault – From £150+VAT to £205+VAT.

Vauxhall – From £155+VAT to £220+VAT.

Volkswagen – From £155+VAT to £235+VAT.

Where do we fit?

We are able to supply and fit our ply lining kits in areas such as; Bristol, Taunton, Bath, Gloucester, Bridgwater and similar. Our head office is based in Bristol and this is where the kit is cut. (Please call 01173 790 279 for more information, or email us).

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