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Parking Sensors Explained

Parking Sensors Explained

What are parking sensors and how do I know which ones are right for me?

Parking sensors are placed on the bumpers of vehicles to alert drivers of obstacles around their car. These sensors are a valuable safety asset to any vehicle, and they are particularly useful for those vehicles with large blind spots.

Sensors are essential for situations where parking spaces are tight or awkward. Parking sensors also come in handy for parallel parking and in situations when a driver needs guidance into space. (It is important to note that parking sensors are meant to function only as a parking aid and do not eliminate all of the hazards of parking.)

There are two main types of parking sensors: electromagnetic and ultrasonic. There are a few important considerations to make in order to make sure that a parking sensor kit is right for your vehicle.

The following should be considered when choosing parking sensors; your vehicle type and the amount of coverage needed, the placement of sensors, preferred feedback method, whether the sensors are wired or wireless, and your budget.

Electromagnetic vs ultrasonic

Both types of parking sensors have pros and cons. Ultrasonic parking sensors use sound waves to measure the distance of nearby objects; typically using four or six sensors that mount onto the bumper. Drilling is usually required for ultrasonic sensor but these sensors are durable and built to withstand weather conditions.

Electromagnetic parking sensors mount on the inner side of a bumper. Electromagnetic parking sensors create an electromagnetic field behind a vehicle, and then monitor it for a disturbance. These sensors do not require any drilling and they rely on drivers who manoeuvre smoothly into parking positions. When the vehicle is no moving the sensor does not signal obstacles.

Those who prefer not to drill holes into their vehicle’s bumper should purchase an electromagnetic parking sensor kit, however, ultrasonic parking sensor kits are thought to be more reliable due to their durability.

NOTE: If you have a towbar or step fitted this can effect the type of parking sensors you can have fitted. Check before installing parking sensors to make sure that they will not be disturbed by the towbar/step

What we sell?

We sell Steelmate and Park Safe parking sensors. Both of these brands are high in quality and there is a vast range availableWhether you need front or rear sensors (or both), we are able to supply and install all of our parking sensors at a time and place convenient to you.

Take advantage of our nationwide mobile engineers – call today on 0333 200 7244.

Colour coding

At Vehicle Accessories we offer a colour coding service with all parking sensor installations. We are able to match the sensor colour to the colour of your vehicle to insure discretion and a professional finish. With some sensors this service is absolutely FREE! However, if the colour coding isn’t included we offer the service for an additional £24.99.

Above: Can you spot the rear parking sensors? They have been colour coded for a professional finish.

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