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Tyre Pressure Monitor System C-KO-TPMS-3100

Tyre Pressure Monitor System C-KO-TPMS-3100

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Tyre Pressure Monitor System C-KO-TPMS-3100

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Tyre Pressure Monitor System C-KO-TPMS-3100:

  • Wireless System
  • Pressure and temperature display
  • Rechargable display unit
  • Real time monitoring
  • Quick and easy to fit

About this product

A tyre pressure monitor system C-KO-TPMS-3100:

The tyre pressure monitor system (TPMS) from Cko will constantly monitor tyre pressure and temperature. The monitor system will alert the driver when the tyre pressure or tyre temperatures are abnormal. The monitoring device used is totally wireless and is CE certified.

Tyre pressure monitor systems are required to be fitted by law in the USA on vehicles from 2007. And many European manufacturers have followed suit to have this system installed on vehicles.


Benefits of using the TPMS:

•It saves fuel.

•It saves tyre wear.

•It saves lives.

This compact TPMS is best value for your money. In addition, there is no need to change tyre valves or visit a specialist to have them fitted. Simply replace the existing valve caps with the wireless tyre monitor and you are ready to go.


Key features:

• Wireless system.

• Pressure and temperature display.

• Rechargable display unit.

• Real time monitoring.

• 10 minutes to fit.

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