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One in 12 cars ‘have cloned number plates’

One in 12 cars ‘have cloned number plates’

Highly organised vehicle crime gangs are using falsified car registrations to avoid detection by the police and, according to new research, one in 12 of the 37 million vehicles on UK roads could have cloned registration plates.

Cloning number plates causes many problems for the victim, such as receiving parking/speeding fines that weren’t yours. There are, however, solutions to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

One of these solutions is having a tracker or telematics device fitted. These devices can be used as evidence when presented with a fine that was not your fault. The tracker will show where your vehicle really was, thus proving you are innocent. View our range of trackers.

Another device that can prove handy, for similar reasons, is a dashboard camera. These devices can also protect you from other scams, such as “crash for cash”. View our dashcams.

Source : The Telegraph

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