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Launch of ASRB

Launch of ASRB

Intel has announced the launch of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) to mitigate future cybersecurity risks to vehicles and drivers.

Members of the ASRB will perform ongoing security tests to supply “best practice recommendations and design suggestions” to auto manufacturers which will, in turn, benefit drivers purchasing modern vehicles.

Cars are no longer simply a physical device to get from A to B. Cameras,sensors, internet-connected infotainment dashboards and computerised maintenance & control systems are built in benefits of modern vehicles and the “connected car”. While these smart features can improve the driving experience and keep the condition of a vehicle in better shape, the moment you network a car, you create a pathway for potential attacks.


There have been a number of news reports recently that have outlined the dangers the “connected car” can have when it comes to hackers and thieves. One of the biggest problems is “keyless” car theft and remotely “hot-wiring” vehicles.

The Megamos Crypto immobiliser is designed to stop a thief breaking in and “hot-wiring” a car. A device called a transponder in the key fob sends an identification code to the immobiliser informing it the correct driver is present.

Scammers overcome this by electronically eavesdropping on the key fob signal and then using a commercially available computer programme to analyse it and emulate it. The immobiliser then decodes the signal and, if it is correct, starts the engine.

Researchers found the chips use relatively simple encryption. By listening to them talk to each other twice, anyone could quickly discover the pattern and copy the key.

The introduction of the ASRB could prove to be a vital next step in improving the security of modern “connected cars”, particularly “keyless” vehicles.

For those who want to take matters into their own hands regarding protecting their vehicle from hackers and thieves, we recommend having a tracker, alarm or immobiliser fitted to your vehicle (or all 3). You can view our range at www.vehicle-accessories.net/security.

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