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Distracted Driving: Mobile Phones

Distracted Driving: Mobile Phones

1 in 10 accidents in the UK are caused by distracted driving, 24% of this is due to the use of mobile phones. Not only is it against the law to use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving, it is also extremely dangerous, causing an estimated 500 serious accidents per year. The current penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving is 3pts on your licence and a £60 fine.

But what if you need to use your phone whilst driving? What if you need a phone for work, and you work on the road? Hands-free car kits are one of the best solutions to this problem.

What is a hands-free car kit?

A hands-free car kit is a device that enables you to use your mobile phone in your car without using your hands (hence hands-free). They are completely legal to use in the UK and a variety of different options are available. Kits are designed to suit all of your needs; Some play music, some are voice-activated, some are built into the car and others are clipped on to the sun visor or dashboard. It is recommended that phone calls be kept short and to the point, even with the use of a hands-free car kit, because long phone calls can be distracting and still cause accidents.

Top picks:

Vehicle Accessories Ltd sells a range of hands-free car kits. We supply and install these kits anywhere nationwide. Our best sellers are from the Parrot range:

Parrot CK3100

The CK3100 is our top seller and it is easy to see why; the CK3100 is considered to be one of the most advanced Bluetooth hands free kits on the market. It enables you to place and receive calls in wireless comfort and safety. The connection between your phone and the CK3100 is automatically activated when you turn on the ignition, allowing the LCD screen to display the same visual information and functions as your phone. Voice recognition is enabled and your contact list is automatically downloaded via Bluetooth so you can make calls effortlessly and comfortably. The Parrot CK3100 starts from only 82 on our website.

Parrot Mki9200

The Parrot Mki9200 is another extremely popular hands-free kit. This device is particularly popular with those wanting to listen to music in their vehicle. The Parrot MKi9200 is a Bluetooth hands-free system with a 2.4-inch high-resolution TFT colour screen. A wireless remote control can be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and allows the driver to control all the functions of the kit. The Mki9200 has cutting-edge telephony functions and is compatible with music devices including iPods, MP3s, Bluetooth and many more.

The MKi9200 displays the full song playlist along with the name of the artist, the title and even the corresponding album cover in colour when available on the iPod, iPhone or USB flash drive.
Music is delivered through all the car’s speakers, giving the driver and passengers exceptional sound quality. Buy yours now.

Parrot Mini Kit Neo

For those who don’t want the kit built into the car, the Parrot Mini Kit Neo is the choice for you. The Parrot Mini Kit Neo 2 HD will be available in 4 different colours before the end of 2014 (see picture below).

The Parrot Mini Kit Neo enables you to make and receive calls without needing to touch any buttons on the kit. You can trigger the voice recognition at any time by saying the word Minikit, and this can be followed by saying the name of the contact you wish to call. When you receive a call, just say Accept or Reject. This kit recognises any voice without the need for any programming, matching or training. It is also extremely discreet and attaches to your sun visor. Read more on our website.

Asteroid range

The Parrot Asteroid range is an advanced range of hands-free kit that incorporates extra features such as; navigation, steering wheel interface, reversing cameras, music playing and much more. View the full range.

Don’t become a statistic, buy a hands-free kit today!

We also supply and install a number of other hands-free car kit manufacturers, such as THB Bury, check out our website www.vehicle-accessories.net or call our friendly sales team on 03332007244.



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