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TRACKER Locate (Motorhome)

£295.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

RRP £462 
Tracker works with Police - and is the only tracking system operated by All UK police forces.
Tracker is the first to obtain Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) "Secure by design" Accreditation.of damage to the vehicle if thieves don't know it's there.

Key features:
Price includes FREE nationwide mobile installation.
TRACKER Locate-Stolen Motorhome Tracking is TRACKERS top of the range model,
3 tracking technologies to locate motorhome as quickly as possible.
It is almost impossible to jam unlike GSM & GPS only devices.
The only technology that can track vehicles underground and in steel containers.
Thatcham Category 6.
VHF, GPS, GSM tracking.
Motion Sensor.
Full European cover.

                                            MCS - Tracker is a Thatch accredited.

Above all, this product is Insurance approved.

New features
TRACKER Locate now offers customers a host of information about their vehicle. Information includes:
- Driving and journey reports.
- Mapping and traffic information.
Such information is accessed via a secure webpage.

Journey playback
You can view the history of the route taken by a vehicle-  you can combine this with Google street view to get an actual representation of the journey taken.

Geo-fences, security and reminder alerts can be viewed in one place, along with news articles. There is a message indicator to show pending messages.

Journey report
Allows you to select dates to see each individual journey your vehicle has taken between the selected dates.
For each journey you can see the start and stop location, date and time, average speed and distance travelled, fuel used, time travelled, fuel costs, Co2 emissions and the amount of time the vehicle was stopped before it started its next journey. Additionally, data can be exported into PDF and CSV format.

Satellite or street view can be used to see vehicles on Google maps.

Map Actions
Select and display shops, restaurants, garages, car parks, petrol stations and hotel locations on the maps and display information about the location. The ‘Get Directions’ feature allows journeys to be planned and shown as text or on the maps. Post codes, locations and places can be searched for using the Google map search.

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