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0333 200 7244
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Box Fleet Tracking

£249.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

Nationwide mobile installation at just £50*!

If you are looking to streamline the cost of your operations, then keeping a close watch on your fleet when it is out on the road is a good start.

There’s so much potential for drivers to waste your money so investment in a system that puts you in control keeps them on their toes, saves you money, and makes your deliveries and arrival times more reliable.  

Our vehicle tracking system gives you a wealth of information; take a look at some of its features:

Out of hours movement- where are your vehicles when your drivers clock off?

If you want to know what happens to your vehicles out of normal office hours, our tracking system can give you a full report on movement, distance travelled, and the exact time that the vehicle was on the road.
Use it to prevent misuse of company vehicles, and restrict the number of miles your drivers put on the clock.

No go zones

Don’t get hit with extra charges. You can set up no go zones on your system to prevent drivers entering restricted areas. The system will alarm if a vehicle enters a no go zone, and is very useful, for example to control congestion charges, or prevent damage to your reputation should they stray into less salubrious parts of town.

Vehicle Time sheets – are your drivers being productive?

If you want to compare productivity of drivers, and clock the time it takes them to get from A to B, this system gives you all the information you need, from the start time to arrival time, distance travelled and the address details of the pickup and drop off locations. It’s great for helping you check how you cost your journeys, as it measures mileage too.

Vehicle Journey Details – are your drivers taking the shortest route?

A track of the route taken can show you whether any detours have been taken, whether the vehicle has stopped on the way for any length of time, and allows you to give an accurate ETA when the vehicle is in transit.

Speed of travel – are your drivers staying inside the legal speed limit?

Your vehicles represent your business when they are out on the road. Your reputation is at risk if one of your staff is driving carelessly or at speed. If they know you are watching, they are less likely to break the speed limit, keeping your vehicles, and the goods on board safe.

Knowledge is power, and it puts you in control. Keep your drivers on track with our vehicle tracking system, and at just 39p per day, it makes perfect sense.

Call us today to find out more on 03332007244. *See the 'Related' tab to add the installation to your basket. £50 installation per tracker.

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