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Speedliner® Euro HC®

POA (inc vat @20.00 %)

Speedliner® Euro HC is a vehicle spray liner that offers an advanced hygienic van lining for extra protection. It provides active protection against bacteria, fungi, mildew and moulds - taking internal lining systems into the 21st century with it's high level hygiene capabilities.

Speedliner® Euro HC is a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric van lining product exhibiting the same overall strength and qualities as the Speedliner® Euro HS - but with the advantage of an exclusive active anti-bacterial, anti-microbial additive.
With the inclusion of Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial additive, the final application provides active anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal protection. This Speedliner® paint also resists deterioration, discolouration and degradation, odours and spoilage that could occur through the action of bacterial and fungal organisms.
Most importantly Ultra-Fresh is effective in the fight against bacteria such as MRSA and E-coli and creates a hostile environment for such organisms which cannot survive on the Speedliner® coating surface.

Speedliner Euro HC® has been tested to meet the EEC directive "SI1998/1376 plastic materials in contact with food legislation".

Speedliner Euro HC® can be coated over existing fibreglass interiors to enable serviceable repairs to previously coated surfaces and ease of cleaning of the final surface application.

There are 25 colours of the Speedliner paint available and custom colours can be mixed. Please specify the colour(s) you require when contacting us on 01173 790 279. 

Price depends on a number of factors, i.e vehicle size, shape etc.

Please note. This service is only available at our Bristol Installation Centre located in Brislington, Bristol. 

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