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THB Bury CC9058

THB Bury CC9058

£84.98 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

CC 9058: Elegant sensor display for more comfort:
Bury’s latest hands-free car kit provides ease of use and excellent sound quality.
The CC9058 has a visibly enhanced level of comfort. This is provided by the elegant display with its illuminated sensor keys with which all the basic functions of the device, such as call answering and volume control, are operated. And it also provides the driver with all the key information they need. Phone numbers, linked devices, battery power level, connection quality and much more can all be read with ease at any time thanks to the high contrast OLED display – even under direct sunlight. And this is just one of the great features that the CC9058 offers.
In addition to the Multipoint functionality, the CC9058 has a bigger internal memory, to ensure rapid access to phone books and call list. This memory can store data from up to 8 phones and updates itself automatically each time it is connected to your mobile phone.
The music is inside
Of course, the CC9058 also has the useful charging option for connected mobile phones – the Micro USB charging cable is also included in the scope of supply. And it can also be used with another USB cable to transfer software updates. The device also has a jack connector for transferring music files to the audio system. The CC9058 has been equipped with a powerful, digital 30 watt stereo amplifier, ensuring music enjoyment via the vehicle’s sound system.
Key features:
Provides ease of use and excellent sound quality.
Elegant display with its illuminated sensor keys.

Built in memory that can store data from up to 8 phones.


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