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Parrot Asteroid Smart

Parrot Asteroid Smart

£359.99 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

Nationwide mobile installation is available for only £79.99 when you purchase this kit from us.

With the Parrot ASTEROID Smart, enter a new dimension in Infotainment. Just like on your tablet or Smartphone you can customise your Parrot ASTEROID Smart with applications. You also get accessthe to the internet and can navigate directly to your destination. 

Mobile internet access
The ASTEROID Smart connects to the internet on the move in many different ways. Use your compatible Smartphone, a 3G/4G dongle, or hook up to a Wi-Fi access point.
Discover and download connected Apps from ASTEROID market including Navigation, Driving Assistance, Points of Interest, Music On Demand and Web Radio.
GPS & Navigation
In combination with your navigation App, ASTEROID Smart will take you on the optimal path to your destination. 
Enjoy your music
The ASTEROID Smart plays the music from your mobile devices. Music can also be played from your favourite internet radio station and music-on-demand Apps through your mobile internet connection. Voice-controlled music search (artists, albums…).
Music Apps: internet radios, music-on-demand.
A unique acoustic experience
Benefit from the exceptional sound quality and mind-boggling audio effects such as sound spatialisation, the Virtual Super Bass, an equaliser and much, much more.
A user friendly display
The ASTEROID  Smart‘s capacitive display includes Multi-touch technology. Browse through the Apps intuitively like you would do on your Smartphone.
Connect 2 mobile phones
The ASTEROID  Smart can connect to two mobile phones simultaneously; launch and receive calls with your business and personal phones seamlessly.
Automatic connection to mobile phones.
Advanced voice recognition.
Can pair up to 10 phones per ASTEROID Smart.
Number of contacts: up to 5 000 per phone,
50 000 per ASTEROID Smart.
A universal format
The ASTEROID Smart’s dimensions conform to the 2-DIN standard. 
It is designed for vehicles with 2-DIN slots in their dashboards.

* Some vehicle's require a radio harness to mute the radio as a call comes through. An additional charge will be applied (see 'Optional Extras'). If you are unsure as to which harness you need, please call us on 0333 200 7244 for more details.

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