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Park Safe - Silent Witness Cameras


Park Safe Additional Camera (012C)

Park Safe additional camera for PSDVR012:

  • Additional camera (PSDVR012C)* for the PSDVR012 which has:
  • 1.5" LCD screen
  • With HDMI and USB
  • Microphone, speaker and recording modes
  • Easy to use
  • *This product is the additional camera only- for the full product see Park Safe Camera PSDVR012

Park Safe Dual Facing Dash Camera (SW011)

Park safe twin HD DVR camera- (SW011):

  • 2.7” LCD HD screen with HDMI and USB Connections
  • 12/24 Volt Cigarette Lighter Power Source
  • G Sensor – Motion detection with audio microphone / speaker
  • Records 10 seconds before & after accident
  • Enclosed Micro 8GB Card (free)
  • Wind Screen Mount

Park Safe Full HD Dashcam (SW010)

Park Safe full HD witness camera (SW010) - ON SALE:

  • Records Sound and Video with full HD and colour display
  • Software - GPS logging, Google maps and speed
  • Micro SD card with USB reader
  • HDMI lead
  • G Sensor 10 seconds before and after the accident

Park Safe Full HD Dual Facing Dash Camera (SW012)

Park Safe twin HD DVR camera- (SW012):

  • 4 Front Camera- Internal Camera
  • G sensor Motion detection, audio microphone / speaker
  • Records 10 seconds before & after accident
  • HD recording, HDMI and USB Connection
  • Windscreen Mount
  • Enclosed Micro 8GB Card and USB Adapter
  • Optional 3rd Camera available (SW012C)

Park Safe GPS Aerial (011A)

Optional GPS Aerial for Park Safe Silent Witness DVR SW011 (SW011A).


Park Safe HD Dash Camera (SW006)

Park Safe HD Dash Camera (SW006):

  • Constant recording to protect innocent drivers
  • G sensor crash file
  • 170 degree viewing angle

Park Safe Silent Witness Full HD Dash Camera (SW005)

Park Safe Silent Witness Full HD Dash Camera (SW005):

  • High definition dashboard camera
  • Can be hardwired in or connect via cigarette socket
  • Low light performance/night vision


Park Safe is a global manufacturer of vehicle CCTV; offering real live recording systems that help to protect you against fraudulent claims.

These Silent Witness systems also help to view blind spots and encourage safer driving all-round.

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