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Target Blu Eye

£999.00 (inc vat @20.00 %)

About this product

Price includes nationwide mobile installation.

Target Blu Eye is a unique and worldwide patented traffic safety system that warns you in time for approaching emergency vehicles - such as police cars, ambulances and fire engines - even if the vehicle is not using its sirens/lights.

Target Blu Eye consists of a central unit, a control display and an external antenna. The system is based on the Airwave (TETRA) network. If an emergency service, such as a police car, is nearby, you will be warned in advance with an audible and visual alert.

The signal strength meter on the control display allows you to easily see whether an emergency vehicle is approaching you or moving away from you.

What/Who does it detect?

* Police cars (unmarked and marked).
* Police motorcycles.
* Ambulances.
* Fire engines.

Audible warnings

The communication system used by emergency services generates four types of communication patterns. Target Blu Eye recognises all four patterns and produces four different acoustic signals. The signal indicates an emergency service is close to you.

Visual warnings

Target Blu Eye also generates visual warnings by means of the signal strength meter on the control display. If an emergency vehicle approaches you, regardless from which direction, the signal strength meter gives you an estimated indication about the distance between you and the emergency vehicle.

Sensitivity mode

Two sensitivity modes can be selected on the Target Blu Eye control display:

1. Highway mode: Target Blu Eye offers the highest sensitivity in this mode; allowing the system to recognise emergency services from a large or small distance.

2. City mode: This mode offers lower sensitivity and is recommended for use in urban areas.
Note: The detection range of Target Blu Eye varies from hundreds of meters up to approximately 1km. The range depends on the selected sensitivity mode and the environmental area.