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Park Safe - Silent Witness Cameras

Park Safe GPS Aerial (011A)

Optional GPS Aerial for Park Safe Silent Witness DVR SW011 (SW011A).

Park Safe Additional Camera (012C)

Park Safe additional camera for PSDVR012:

  • Additional camera (PSDVR012C)* for the PSDVR012 which has:
  • 1.5" LCD screen
  • With HDMI and USB
  • Microphone, speaker and recording modes
  • Easy to use
  • *This product is the additional camera only- for the full product see Park Safe Camera PSDVR012
Park Safe Dual Facing Dash Camera (SW011)

Park safe twin HD DVR camera- (SW011):

  • 2.7” LCD HD screen with HDMI and USB Connections
  • 12/24 Volt Cigarette Lighter Power Source
  • G Sensor – Motion detection with audio microphone / speaker
  • Records 10 seconds before & after accident
  • Enclosed Micro 8GB Card (free)
  • Wind Screen Mount
Park Safe Full HD Dashcam (SW010)

Park Safe full HD witness camera (SW010) - ON SALE:

  • Records Sound and Video with full HD and colour display
  • Software - GPS logging, Google maps and speed
  • Micro SD card with USB reader
  • HDMI lead
  • G Sensor 10 seconds before and after the accident
Park Safe HD Dash Camera (SW006)

Park Safe HD Dash Camera (SW006):

  • Constant recording to protect innocent drivers
  • G sensor crash file
  • 170 degree viewing angle
Park Safe Silent Witness Full HD Dash Camera (SW005)

Park Safe Silent Witness Full HD Dash Camera (SW005):

  • High definition dashboard camera
  • Can be hardwired in or connect via cigarette socket
  • Low light performance/night vision
Park Safe Full HD Dual Facing Dash Camera (SW012)

Park Safe twin HD DVR camera- (SW012):

  • 4 Front Camera- Internal Camera
  • G sensor Motion detection, audio microphone / speaker
  • Records 10 seconds before & after accident
  • HD recording, HDMI and USB Connection
  • Windscreen Mount
  • Enclosed Micro 8GB Card and USB Adapter
  • Optional 3rd Camera available (SW012C)


Park Safe is a global manufacturer of vehicle CCTV; offering real live recording systems that help to protect you against fraudulent claims.

These Silent Witness systems also help to view blind spots and encourage safer driving all-round.