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Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits

  • Our selection of Bluetooth car kits enable you to place and receive calls and texts without having to take your hands off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road.
  • Play music from your phone or MP3 player
  • Nationwide mobile installation   

Parrot Minikit Neo 2

Parrot Minikit Neo 2 - Available In 4 Colours:

  • Voice controlled portable Bluetooth hands-free kit with HD
  • Voice control
  • State of the art telephony functions
  • Clips on via sunvisor
  • Dual mode and auto start
  • Compact elegant design

Parrot CK3000

Parrot CK3000:

  • Simple and effective
  • Bluetooth hands-free car kit
  • Voice dialling with auto voice recognition
  • Pair upto 3 phones
  • Outstanding sound quality by using your car speakers

Parrot MKI9000

Parrot MKi9000 Bluetooth:

  • Music and bluetooth hands free kit
  • Voice dialling
  • Inbuilt amplifier
  • Charges iPhone
  • Works with iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB MP3 players
  • Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players and minidisc

Parrot CK3100 LCD

Parrot CK3100:

  • Best selling Bluetooth hands free car kit
  • Voice dialling with auto voice recognition
  • LCD display with phonebook synchronisation
  • Pair upto 5 phones

Parrot MKi9100

Parrot MKI9100 Bluetooth handsfree carkit:

  • Clear display with LED screen
  • A wireless remote controls all the functions
  • Voice dialling
  • Works with iPod, iPhone, itouch, USB, MP3

Parrot MKI9200

Parrot MKI9200 bluetooth hands-free car kit:

  • 2.4-Inch high-resolution TFT colour screen
  • Wireless remote allows driver to control all the functions
  • Works with iPod, iPhone, itouch, USB, MP3

Parrot Asteroid Smart

Parrot Asteroid Smart:

  • Double DIN 6.2" touch- screen
  • Mobile internet access
  • GPS navigation
  • Camera input
  • Plays iPod/iPhone/A2DP



We are authorised Parrot certified installation experts.

Parrot is one of our most popular hands free car kits and we stock and install a number of different products from this top quality brand.