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Bluetooth Parrot Hands Free Car Kits

We are authorised Parott certified installation experts.

Parrot is one of our most popular hands free kits and we stock and install a number of different products from this top quality brand.


Parrot Asteroid

Parrot Asteroid

Parrot Asteroid Single Din Car Receiver with:

Web Service Apps.

Voice Recognition.

Hands-free telephone.

Internet Radio.

Single- DIN car receiver with multimedia connectivity.

Plays all types of music sources: IPod, iPhone, USB, SD card, Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) and analog player.

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Parrot Asteroid Mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini

Parrot Asteroid Mini has anumber of great features:

Hands-free multimedia system.

Driving assistance applications.

3.2" colour display with wireless remote.

Internet access.


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Parrot Asteroid Smart

Parrot Asteroid Smart

Parrot Asteroid Smart:

Double DIN 6.2" touch- screen.

Mobile internet access.

GPS navigation.

Camera input.

Plays iPod/iPhone/A2DP.

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Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

Parrot Asteroid Tablet:

Hands-free 5" multi-touch-screen.

Apps, Navigation, Music, Weather. 

Voice Activated music search.

Plays iPod/iPhone USB/SD Card/ A2DP.

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Parrot CK3000


Parrot CK3000:
Simple and effective.
Bluetooth hands-free car kit.
Voice dialling with auto voice recognition.
Pair upto 3 phones.
Outstanding sound quality by using your car speakers.

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Parrot CK3100 LCD

Parrot ck3100 bluetooth hands free car kit

Parrot CK3100:
Best selling Bluetooth hands free car kit.
Voice dialling with auto voice recognition.

LCD display with phonebook synchronisation.
Pair upto 5 phones.

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Parrot Minikit Neo

Parrot Minikit Neo

Parrot Minikit Neo:

Make and receive calls without needing to touch any buttons on the kit.

Trigger the voice recognition at any time by saying the word ’Minikit’, and this can be followed by saying the name of your contact that you wish to call.

When you receive a call, just say ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’.

Recognises any voice without the need for any programming, matching or training.

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Parrot MKI9000

Parrot MKI9000

Parrot MKi9000 Bluetooth:
Music and bluetooth hands free kit.
Voice dialling.
Inbuilt amplifier. 
Charges iPhone.
Works with iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB MP3 players.
Bluetooth Stereo devices, CD players and minidisc.

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Parrot MKI9100

Parrot MKI9100

Parrot MKI9100 Bluetooth handsfree carkit:
Clear display with LED screen.
A wireless remote controls all the functions.
Voice dialing.
Works with iPod, iPhone, itouch, USB, MP3.

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Parrot MKI9200

Parrot Mki9200

Parrot MKI9200 bluetooth hands-free car kit:
2.4-Inch high-resolution TFT colour screen.
Wireless remote allows driver to control all the functions.
Works with iPod, iPhone, itouch, USB, MP3.

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